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Team With Bus Has Space For Additional Riders

Team Defcon5 is a team based in the Des Moines metro area with space for more riders. We are a mature laidback team consisting of riders aged teenager through 60s. Our bus is equipped with an onboard toilet, shower, microwave, and coffee maker. When the bus is parked, we have onboard AC and electric for device charging. There is storage under the bus on both sides for camping gear and other gear. Bikes are secured and transported on a roof rack that accommodates up to 24.

Our meeting point is just outside of Perry, from where we depart on Saturday and to which we return on Saturday. There is space at our meeting point to leave vehicles for the entire ride. We offer week-long services, daily rider services, and transportation to the start and back from the end (if you choose to not ride the week with us). If you’re looking for a team, please reach out to us at TeamDefcon5@gmail.com or drop a text to Wendy at 515-480-8298.

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