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The Lost Cyclist

Well, if you’re looking for something to do, you can read “The Lost Cyclist” by David V. Herlihy.  Its about a couple of “around the world” cycling trips in the late 1890s by some very adventurous souls.  The “lost cyclist” refers to the guy who decided to do it alone and was killed in Turkey.  A large portion of the book is devoted to the attempt to find out what happened to the guy.

Reading about the equipment they were using and the miles they were putting in on the “ordinary” bike (the big front wheel bikes) and the later “safety” bike (basically a single gear bike with equal sized tires and no brakes) on dirt roads makes all of us look like a bunch of pikers.  Some of their best riding was on railroad tracks.  Try a century on railroad tracks.  And we have people freaking out about rumble strips.  A pretty interesting read with some nice pictures.

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mlwalk, September 17, 2011 at 7:35 am

I read this book and it was pretty interesting.  The ability of this guy to ride on the roads and paths that were available in the 1890s is pretty interesting.  Also interesting to read about that heyday of bicycling and bike racing in America back then, give it a read.


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