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The “Other” Ride

Noticed that the website for “The Iowa Ride” — the competing ride that several former RAGBRAI staffers set up for 2020 — is non-functional.  It looks like they’ve let the domain lapse.  I wonder if this is a sign that this was just a one-and-done sort of thing, and isn’t going to come back for 2022?

Even if this is the case, I find it sort of surprising because while the COVID lockdown screwed both them and the REAL Iowa ride (RAGBRAI) out of their plans for 2020, I guess they did do some form of modified version of it as a loop-type 3-day weekend ride out of Eldora for 2021 – but now there’s no ‘official’ record of it whatsoever.  Anybody closer to the source(s) know anything, one way or the other?

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hnschipper, October 30, 2021 at 5:01 pm

I wouldn’t be surprised if it were one and done, especially with the director moving to Arizona to be the director of another large cycling event. Things have been retry quiet on their Facebook page too. No news about next year’s ride. Several have asked, but have gotten no response.


KenH, November 4, 2021 at 5:01 pm

For a brief, some might say shining, moment the other ride appeared to have a chance. But once RAGBRAI made it clear that they were not going away a whole lot of us lost any interest in a replacement. I think it was clear at that point that the other ride’s reach exceeded its grasp. Covid made the inevitable happen quickly rather than being a protracted struggle but I think the result is the same. There’s probably room in Iowa for a another weekend ride like it became. Is there an organizing body to drive it however?


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