RAGBRAI LI Day Passes are still available!

Tonite's the night! Who is excited?

I will be at home in my warm den with a glass of wine, but watching the livestream intently. I know some folks approach it like they love Ragbrai regardless of the route, so the announcement is no big deal. Other’s have a vested interest because they strongly prefer a long vs short route, or a north vs south route, or they are hoping to pass through their hometown. I am just excited to transition from the vague “I will ride Ragbrai this year.” to specifically and obsessively thinking, planning and researching an actual route.

True confession…I have a big roadmap of Iowa mounted to cork board up on the wall, and a box of push-pins at the ready. Yes, I’m that geeked out today.

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KenH, January 26, 2019 at 9:54 pm

After seven RAGBRAI’s of course I was excited before the announcement. Now that the announcement has been made I am more excited yet. Great route!! And for a certain young girl in Texas it will be about as close to home as Iowa gets!


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