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Touring after RAGBRAI

Do you have plans after RAGBRAI to do the Adventure Cycling Northern tier map from Muscatine toward the Great Lakes? I’m looking at the possibility of extending the trip up to Erie then to the Pittsburgh spur onto the Great Allegheny Passage toward home. If you have continued to ride after the Ride, please share your experiences. Thanks.

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Jason Stoller, June 10, 2016 at 1:21 am

You could also go the other direction and head toward the Katy Trail in Mo. Its a Rails to Trails. I may be doing that in both directions directly after Ragbrai or slightly later this year.

If heading toward the Great Lakes and up in that direction is towards home for you, then its probably a no-brainer for you to extend your touring if you have the energy and time.



Anonymous, July 17, 2016 at 10:30 pm

I’m heading back home to Burbank, Illinois. I would absolutely love to bike with anyone going East!


NYC Highwheeler, July 17, 2016 at 10:52 pm

I’m headed to Galesburg, IL (about 65 miles SE of Muscatine).

Anyone have a suggestion for a shipping company to use on Saturday? I would like to ship a few items home from Muscatine, then head out with minimal gear.


statrixbob, July 17, 2016 at 11:25 pm

I’ve not toured after RAGBRAI on either of the two I’ve done previously. But this year I’m heading to a specific Great Lake; Lake Michigan. I’ve got a high school reunion to attend near Milwaukee the weekend following RAGBRAI.

I’d love to bike around Erie sometime as I have a friend in the area who’s offered to host me several times – just never worked out. I did the GAP/C&O last year and had a great time.

This year I’ll be headed up to East Moline on Sunday, then east and north on the Hennepin Canal Trail to Rock Falls on Monday, up to Freeport (no trail I’ve found but back roads no doubt) on Tuesday, the Jane Adams to the Wisconsin border, the Badger State Trail to Madison on Wednesday, and the Glacial Drumlin east though I’m stopping in Fort Atkinson off the trail on Thursday, then back to the Glacial Drumlin and on to Waukesha on Friday (and local path or roads to my hotel in Milwaukee). All told it’s an extra six days with shorter and longer days alternating.




Dockat, July 18, 2016 at 4:31 am

I am touring to Huntsville ON for a wedding at the end of August. The tentative route is Muscatine to La Crosse to Green Bay to Sault Ste Marie to Huntsville. Pittsburgh and The GAP to DC is in the plan.

Would love to have company for any part.


Anonymous, July 18, 2016 at 11:18 am

Funny- I’ll be biking on Hennepin Trail after RAGBRAI!


“Bicycle Bill”, July 18, 2016 at 11:55 am

Dock – email or PM me; there’s a lot of road construction and detours in and around the La Crosse area and I might be able to help route you around some of the nastier parts.



statrixbob, July 18, 2016 at 4:26 pm

jp – When are you going to be on the Hennepin?


Anonymous, July 21, 2016 at 7:54 pm

Hey Statrixbob, sorry for the delay in my reply. I will be on the Hennepin trail on MONDAY (August 1).


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