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Must say the tubeless tires I went with after reading your thread have been great on my Shamal wheels which have rims desigined for them. According to Zinn on Velonews the tubeless specific rims have an extra little ridge at the end of the tire hooks deigned to match a little flat in the tire. I only got a seal on 1 of the 3 non-tubeless rims I tried to convert.

Have you used Stan’s rims? I heard they are tough to get the tires on. But it was no picnic getting them on the Shamals either.

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This topic was modified 7 years ago by mootsman.

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mootsman, October 22, 2013 at 7:27 am


I saw that Velonews article by Zinn that mentioned that 11 speed cassettes from all manufacturers are now compatible for all drive trains. I think the derailluers and shifters still need to match each other though. My Shamals seem plenty strong despite the low spoke count. The spoke count usually has less to do with wheel strength then the rim strength itself. Shamal rims have the spoke/rim interface designed to handle the increase in force at that stress point. I have a set of Campy hubs already built with Mavic rims that I want to reuse so I’m going with Stan’s 400s. Otherwise I’d think about the DA wheels you mention.

I think we’ll see Mavic tubeless tires when Mavic comes out with tubeless specific rims and wheels. That’s the sign for nearly everyone else to convert (manufacturers and riders)…..


Iceman, October 22, 2013 at 9:05 am

Mootsman – yep. Derailleurs have to match the shifters but that was not the problem for most folks. I’m sure you know from experience that more hubs are Shimano compatible that Campy compatible, so wheel (and rim) choices are fewer as well.

You’ll do fine the the Stans Alpha 400 rims. I have two sets of them with Campy hubs and regular J bend spokes. They do fine.

You’ll also get widely varying opinions on strength of wheels as affected by spoke counts. So, to be on the safe side, I use 32 spoke Stans 400 rims. I had some Campy Eurus wheels about 5 years ago – really liked them – and six months into owning them I started popping spokes so I rebuilt them and sold to a (lighter) who has never had a problem with them. Plus – Campy has a published weight limit on their wheels, all of which I exceed. Many other wheel manufacturers do as well – just sometimes they don’t make them so obvious in their advertising.

I don’t have any overwhelming desire – other than the durability factor – to run the Shimano DA wheels with my Campy gear. I’ve got a couple of friends in the 250-275 range that run them, however, and they have held up well. Plus, they are tubeless compatible.

Lastly, I’m watching the reviews on the Shimano carbon wheels that run about $1200 a set (not the $2000 version). If they show up as holding up to Clydesdale riders, I’ll pop for a pair. Plus, I’m starting a heavy duty diet over the winter.


Michrider !!!, March 4, 2015 at 3:52 pm

Clayhill: Mootsman – there are a bunch of tubeless clincher tires out now. Hutchinson (four models), Schwalbe, Maxxis (Padrone), Bontrager, and a few more. I think until Continental and Michelin come on board with road tubeless (they both did year ago for mountain bike tires) we won’t really see really comprehensive reviews of all tubeless clinchers. It will happen but until then I’ll probably stick with the Hutchinson Fusion 3’s and Secteurs. I have a spare pair of Hutchinson Intensives which are ok but I like the Fusion 3’s a bit more.


Michrider !!!, March 4, 2015 at 3:54 pm

Clayhill, I had my LBC install a set of Schwalbe one’s (700X28’s) today. Now, I just need some warm, snow free weather to test them!!! Only 136 days & RAGBRAI don’t care!!!!


mootsman, March 5, 2015 at 7:52 am


Hutch may have simplified their tubeless offers a little but that is only implied from the tires I can find online to buy. Atoms & Fusion 3s I can only find in the 23mm width, Intensives only in 25mm and Secteurs in 28mm. With the gravel loop ahead of us I decided to build a set of wheels with 25mm Hed tubeless compatible rims and am putting Intensives on them (thanks for the rim suggestion Clayhill).

Gravel loop, bring it on, bring it on……


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