Quad cities bike trail blockade: Sign the petition!

The city of Riverdale IA has put up a fence across the Duck Creek Bike trail and the Great Mississippi River trail. They don’t want path users going though there neighborhood and are trying to make users cross a very busy and dangerous part of US 67 next to a major manufacturing factory, when there is already a underpath in place under US 67 on the Duck creek trail. The Mayor has been quite vocal and clear it’s his way or the hi-way (literally) This neighborhood has been anti bicycle and bike path for years. Including going as far as putting up signs saying the will shoot cyclists in the pass. Riverdale is trying to push the problem to Bettendorf IA for a problem they created. There needs a safe solution for both sides preferably not crossing US 67, before they can just push the problem to someone else and put up a Fence.

Please sign and share the petition!

More information can be found on Facebook

QCBC-Quad Cities Bicycle Club Facebook Group

Stop Riverdale from cutting access between Mississippi River Trail and Duck Creek Trail Facebook Group

Riverdale Residents Facebook Group

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LawnchairMan, May 25, 2020 at 3:01 pm

Once again my post disappears after I try to edit.

I was asking for more information about this issue. Why are the Riverdale people so adamant about trail users? Are they trashing the place?


LawnchairMan, May 25, 2020 at 7:01 pm

Hi Danny,
I was finally able to see the discussion on Facebook. (I hate Facebook!) Do I have it correct? Riverdale residents have unsubstantiated claims that there have been more thefts and crimes in the neighborhood since the two trails connected?

I could see that the trail under the highway would be a place to get mugged. I wouldn’t want to go there at night, but daytime should be OK. But how does that contribute to more crime in the area? How does fencing off the path under the highway stop neighborhood theft? Is that the getaway route? How much loot can we load on our bikes?

Were I a resident of the area, I would boycott Riverdale. Good luck with your cause!

Oh, last question; What is the actual name of the connecting trail? Google maps has it as the Riverfront Trail. It took me a while to understand which trail you were talking about.

OK another last question; can’t cyclists cross at the light at Bellingham street and pick up the Riverfront Trail from there? So if we can still cross US 67, closing the trail shouldn’t change the crime rate in the area. I will keep an eye on this issue.


T. Gap Woo, May 25, 2020 at 7:36 pm

Is Riverdale being run by a bunch of jugheads? (Oops! Sorry, wrong thread.)

But seriously, LOCAL petition signers would carry a great deal of weight with LOCAL officials, but I fear that a bunch of out-of-towners/staters would carry little pursuasive weight. We’d be viewed as carpet-baggers, meddlers or worse.

I would respectfully suggest getting some media heavyweights behind your cause: the Quad Cities Times; the DMR; local TV and radio stations. Political clout will also help: Representative David Loebsack; Senators Charles Grassley and Joni Ernst. Of course, the Iowa Bike Coalition would be a powerful ally.

Good luck in this effort. Please post the outcome of your fight, as many of us would not otherwise know the results.

See you along the I-O-Way in 2021.


Sandaltan ., May 26, 2020 at 6:05 pm

I have never seen a real estate advertisement stating the home to be a safe distance from a recreational trail…never. I have seen many ads touting “easy access” to this or that trail. This city of 405 residents has probably a dozen or so residents with maybe a civic identity problem hemmed in by the river on one side and Bettendorf on the other three sides. That dozen yank the mayor’s chain and the mayor reacts.



Danny Edens, May 28, 2020 at 12:55 am

[quote quote=1319832]I was finally able to see the discussion on Facebook. (I hate Facebook!) Do I have it correct? Riverdale residents have unsubstantiated claims that there have been more thefts and crimes in the neighborhood since the two trails connected?[/quote]

The latest made up claim is thief and crime and there been no documentation on this nor have they been to able to provide any I’ve lived in the quad cities my whole life and this has never been of concern. The community is incredibly one sided and will do what ever it takes to get there way.

If you want to see the latest go to there official city government website riverdaleiowa.com Really tacky I’m pretty sure that photo of a cyclist giving the finger is the city of Riverdale giving the finger to the rest of the Quad Cities in there eyes..

The “Riverfront Trail” is actually the Mississippi River Trail (MRT) it’s part of a series of trails and bike lanes that go from the start to finish of the Mississippi River. The MRT Connects to the Duck Creek trail by a 20 ft long sidewalk on at the end of Kensington Ave.


Danny Edens, May 28, 2020 at 1:06 am

One of the Ideas is instead of having the bike path go on S Bellingham Ave and cross the dangerous intersection on US 67, Why not move the bridge crossing Duck Creek to the south side of state street? The bridge is long enough for a crossing at that location.

This in return would provide access to the underpass on the Duck Creek Trail. It would also prevent issues for Brennys (motorcycle dealer) and for employees and logistics at Arconic (large Aluminum factory with heavy semi traffic) It would provide safe access for My Place (a bar 35% of business bicycles) and the Duck Creek Pancake House.

Another reasoning would be that moving the bridge to US 67 on south side would utilize 42nd St S which could be used as is (although it needs repaving) or it could be widened. Doing this route would only Require approximately only 300ft of new trail paved before the bridge (in front of Beffendorf Auto) vs. the Bellingham crossing US 67 route would require over 1000Ft of new trail. The costs of moving the bridge could be cheaper then the extra paving costs and the redesigning of the intersection/ stoplight and legal issues with safety and or the affected businesses.

Heck, leaving Brenny’s on a motorcycle is terrifying at that intersection let alone crossing on bicycle!

The mayor of Riverdale is so one sided it’s alarming, he acts like he’s willing to work together with people during public & media interviews but council meetings and on social media he says the complete opposite.


LawnchairMan, May 28, 2020 at 3:15 pm

Hi Danny,
Thank you for confirming that the Duck Creek Trail issue is the supposed neighborhood crime. What I don’t understand is the Mayor’s solution. If he doesn’t like the underpass, I don’t think he would approve of any means of connecting to the MRT. It sounds like he just doesn’t want cycle or foot traffic there at all, so he just wants to terminate the trail.

It looks like there is a crosswalk at S. Bellingham with an activation button on the West side of US 67. I don’t see a button on the East side, so you could go West to East, but not the other way. The underpass looks like the best way to me. I don’t understand the mayor.


Matt, May 29, 2020 at 1:04 pm

There is some misunderstanding here. The bike path, as originally constructed, connects with Bellingham St. and crosses State St. at a stoplight with pedestrian switches on both sides. There is 1000 feet of sidewalk between the crossing and the ramp onto Duck Creek path. I have heard some say that they think they have to cross State St. (no light) to access Kensington St. A sign there pointing to both the path and the stoplight crossing would help.
We have ridden this path for a long time. I remember when we cyclists made our own dirt/mud path across 40 ft of grass and over a curb as a shortcut with Kensington St. Eventually the city put a connector sidewalk in there (nice of them). People that haven’t ridden the original path may believe that the Kensington access is the normal path. It is not. If the residents decide to detour the cycle traffic back to the original path, I say big deal. It’s an extra 0.4 of a mile and a crosswalk to ride it as intended. Duck Creek path also has pedestrian switched crossings at Jersey Ridge, Marquette, and Division streets (all very busy). What’s one more? Please don’t be angry or resentful about the removal of a very short short cut that was never there until we blazed a path through their grass in the first place. Ride happy!
P.S. The Riverdale web page states that part of the Kensington construction plan includes signage to help direct traffic safely along the original path.


Matt, May 29, 2020 at 1:17 pm

Sorry Eastern not Jersey Ridge. Don’t want to get hung up in the finer details.


Sandaltan ., May 29, 2020 at 9:00 pm

Much more to this than I thought. The Mayor’s view:



LawnchairMan, May 30, 2020 at 1:12 pm

Thank you for posting the link to the mayor’s comments. I now have a better understanding of the issue, but still not completely clear. Let me see if I can put it in a nutshell.

The main issue is a twenty foot piece of land that belongs to Riverdale, where so many people were using it to go from Kensington to the MRT that it became a mud path when wet. To stop the mud, a cement trail was made there.
My original understanding was that the US 67 underpass had been fenced off to stop bike traffic across the twenty foot unofficial trail connector. The mayor mentioned that Kensington was being resurfaced, so I now think that is why the underpass is fenced. I assume that once that project is done the underpass will reopen.
Once that happens a rider could use Kensington to go onto US 67, or its sidewalk, to get to S. Bellingham and the MRT. That would work, but it would be awkward.
The mayor mentions trespassing. Yes, cutting across the city property is technically trespassing, but doesn’t paving it imply consent of use? By having the unofficial connector blocked would make it more likely that riders would go to the end of Wisteria and trespass to get to the MRT.
It seems to me that the easiest solution is for Riverdale to donate that property to the trail system. What else are they going to use it for? In that way use would not be trespassing, and it would reduce trespassing on other properties. Does eminent domain apply to property owned by a city, or does it have to be private property? Could the county take the property that way?

One thing I still don’t understand is what the mayor meant by “inevitable fence and gate over the connector. . .” Can anyone explain that?

Stay safe everyone!


Danny Edens, June 3, 2020 at 10:59 pm

Duck Creek path also has pedestrian switched crossings at Jersey Ridge, Marquette, and Division streets (all very busy). What’s one more?

The Crossing over Division Marquette and Eastern are completely different and don’t even compare to the the crossing over US67 a federal hi way which also has much more traffic at higher speeds including heavy semi traffic, it is also a dog leg crossing. It has been screen captured that the Glen Haven residents have said that this route would “Hopefully thin the herd” So must be a more dangerous?

They want a gate for emergency vehicles as the neighborhood has the potential to be blocked by trains as there is only one way in and out. There plan is to go on the trail and over the bicycle bridge, which has be proven that there vehicles exceed the weight limit of the bridge and isn’t feasible. Theres also a good chance the routes on the bike trail would be blocked by the same train. They also want a personal gate for each house so they can use the trail that they don’t want to public to use ironic isn’t it?


Anonymous, June 23, 2020 at 8:18 am

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LawnchairMan, June 23, 2020 at 4:14 pm

Hey Techto,
If you are going to put your advertisement, or whatever that was, on the wrong thread, at least learn to spell. I’m sure you meant acquisition. I don’t know what aquission is. I suspect you meant to write Techno too!


Danny Edens, October 23, 2020 at 6:43 pm

Latest update: The city of Bettendorf will terminate snow removal and engineering serives with Riverdale in response to the fence.

Quad Cities Bike Club and Cornbelt Running club have flied a lawsuit against Riverdale. They also have a go fund me page if you want to support the cause.


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