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Does anymore know the vendors that were traveling with Ragbrai that were selling women’s shirts? They had cool designs on them but they weren’t sold by the official ragbrai shop. I saw them in Fort Dodge with all the clothing vendors, but never got back around to buy one. I have been searching online but haven’t come up with anything. Thanks for the help

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“Bicycle Bill”, July 30, 2015 at 11:31 am

The Register is very aggressive in protecting the trademark and licensing agreements that they have with the “official” shops, town committees, and other vendors.  One year I was in one of the pass-through towns and someone there in the village park (where all the activity was) was selling pens commemorating the passthrough of “RAGBRI”.  When I questioned the spelling of the name of the ride — the absence of the ‘A’ — I was told that this was “so we don’t get sued”.

So if this shirt vendor wasn’t “officially” licensed by RAGBRAI and the shirts used RAGBRAI logos, imagery, or even the


“RAGBRAI” they were probably shut down by the newspaper and that’s why you can’t find anything any more.



Oma-wegian, July 30, 2015 at 12:16 pm

Did you check out the RAGBRAI Expo Vendor List from the main page on the website? If it is the one my daughter and I browsed a few times over the week they should be an officially licensed vendor. They seemed to be set up in every overnight town among all the other official vendors throughout the whole week and thus could not have been unofficial as BB automatically assumes. Also, we did not see them have any “knock-off” RAGBRAI gear but only their own fashionable though pricey products. Hopefully another participant can remember the name.


Oma-wegian, July 30, 2015 at 12:18 pm

Expo Vendor List


bikerbear, July 30, 2015 at 4:55 pm

Bikes to You is a bike shop from Grinnell. They had a booth at the expo and in the different towns and had a lot of really neat women’s jersey’s for sale. Try their website and see if they were the store. If not, then check out the different vendors off the expo list.


RickBrooks, March 5, 2016 at 7:31 am

Tonik–the coolest, best fitting and most stylish jerseys and other products. Run by two womwn who have really thought through why women’s jerseys should be designed for women. I (man) loved seeing their stuff. Got some swell zebra sleeves, and recommend Tonik to lots of people I know.


Tom Archer, October 14, 2019 at 5:08 am

We all realize that promoting anything apparel or apparels are the most not unusual approaches to make cash.

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Don’t get confused about it, in this submit, I’m gonna percentage the reviews about wholesale garb providers and clothing sites, to reveal you a way to do your apparel and apparels commercial enterprise.

What clothing must I purchase from wholesale garb providers?

As I bought clothing on line for eight years before, I used to split apparel into 3 primary categories that are men apparel, women garb and infant/youngster clothing.

So basically, I recommend you to choose 1 category to promote to your enterprise first, after which expand your product line depends on how a lot profits you made.

But you may confuse about a way to select the exact class proper? Don’t fear approximately that, let me brief explain the importance of dealer selection.

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You can view more records of plus size apparel wholesale vendors.

Top 5 wholesale clothing suppliers and distributors in 2019

1. Chinabrands

Chinabrands is one among the most important cutting-edge wholesale clothing vendors and dropshippers, they does now not best wholesale girls garb, but additionally wholesale guys apparel and kids garb.

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In addition, Chinabrands additionally gives a gaggle of plus length apparel, it have to allows something women or men clients to get the most fittest length.

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For logistic delivery, you don’t need to worry approximately the the lengthy distance transport, Chinabrands already constructed up international warehouses worldwide as following:

a. Canada

b. Los Angeles

c. New York

d. Alicante, Spain

e. Birmingham

f. London

g. Italy

h. Turkey

i. France

j. Germany

ok. Czech

l. Poland

m. Moscow, Russia

n. Saudi Arabia

o. Japan

p. Shenzhen, China

q. Hong Kong

r. Australia

2. City goddess

City goddess is one of the exceptional girls’s apparel wholesale suppliers UK primarily based, in particular ladies’s boutique garb, but they best gives girl apparel include dress, skirt, woman plus length apparel and so forth.

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Three. Alibaba

Alibaba should be one of the most largest e-trade websites now. You can locate heaps of products from it.

Therefore, the product quantity ought to be the most important blessings of Alibaba. So many dealers used to say ‘you could discover some thing you need on Alibaba, anything designs, colours, styles and so forth.

However, as the huge product amount on Alibaba, excellent manipulate must be the biggest trouble.

The huge product quantity on Alibaba isn’t permit Alibaba to do high-quality checking on every product, this means that the extra wholesale clothing you acquire, the more dangers you could take.

Therefore, in my opinion, you’d higher select different garb wholesalers in place of Alibaba in case you are amateur.

Four. Sammy dress


Sammy get dressed is first-rate wholesale ladies clothing providers who specifically wholesale girls’s plus size garb and add-ons. Moreover, Sammy get dressed simplest promoting women garb, that have to be drawback for sellers to choose Sammy dress as associate.

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Five. Tasha apparel

Tasha apparel is one of the exceptional girls garb wholesaler and distributor that locates in Los Angles, California. Moreover, Tasha clothing especially supplying style clothing for boutiques and kids boutique clothing.

Tasha clothing constructed up the offline shop in Los Angeles (in case you want to know more, you can check Los Angeles wholesale apparel vendors), which need to help Tasha Apparel to get toward clients.

In addition, Tasha garb additionally frequently release new seasonal ladies & youngsters boutique clothing, to be able to make sure all the products on sell ought to be maximum enormously trendy within the wholesale girls clothing marketplace.

Full list of wholesale apparel vendors and providers

As I mentioned above, we will separate apparel into women garb, men clothing and child/toddler apparel.

Therefore, on this part, I’m gonna display you general 3 list based on those three classes.

Full list of girls’s garb wholesale suppliers

1. Chinabrands

2. GoodstuffApparel

3. Liquidation General

4. American Bazi

five. Ccwholesaleclothing

6. The lookbook wholesale

7. Fashion Atlas Group

8. Helen’s Heart LLC

nine. Beverly Hills Uniforms

10. Jillian Distributor

11. Cotton Bleu By Nu Label

12. Peace Frogs

13. Buck Wear

14. Judson & Company

15. Mad Oxx

16. Wholesale Fashion Square

17. Foryoudress

18. Bloomwholesale

19. Stylishwholesaler

20. Curvy Fashion

As the listing shows above, these first-rate ladies’s clothing wholesale suppliers can also divided into exceptional fashion like women’s boutique garb, get dressed, ladies top, skirts and so forth.

For example, Chinabrands is a state-of-the-art clothing wholesaler, that has greater than 20 warehouses inside the international. They gives kind of clothing merchandise to clients encompass tops, underclothes, dress and so on.

In addition, Chinabrands additionally lease fashion designer groups to create the maximum latest and fashion clothing. They gives ladies’s boutique apparel as well, because they need to offers the most fittest and style garb with the launched of plus length garb.

For wholesale lady garb suppliers, some of you may heard approximately Zaful and Sammydress before, however sadly, as the major largest women apparel suppliers on line, Zaful and Sammydress garb do not offer the wholesale ladies clothing services.

Therefore, right here is the answer here. Actually, Chinabrands is the e-commerce provider which owned via Globalegrow, Zaful and Sammydress are owned by way of Globalegrow as properly.

I actually have to mention Chinabrands can be your wholesale laides garb suppliers for cooperation with the high first-class clothing wholesaling and drop transport.

Of route, besides Chinabrands, each internet site may also has the specific categories for selling, like Goodstuff Apparel especially wholesaling ladies’s boutique clothing, and Liquidation General is mainly wholesale girls’s fashion garb.

Full listing of guys’s clothing wholesale suppliers and vendors

1. Chinabrands

2. Fashion TIY Inc

three. All USA Clothing

four. Peace Frogs

five. Mega Group NYC

6. Via Trading Co.

7. Western Express Inc

8. Specien Apparel

nine. Newbery Knitting Co.

10. CCB through Chainsaw

eleven. Fox Outdoor Products

12. Fortune Fashion Wholesale

thirteen. American Eagle Trade Group

14. Closeout Connection

15. D2wear

16. Topper International Liquidators

17. Clothing Island

18. Alpha Omega

19. Different Touch LLC

20. LA Showroom

With the private consciousness growing in the current years, clothing providers not simplest targeted at ladies garb, however additionally focused at men clothing.

However, it has the differences among wholesale girls garb and wholesale guys garb.

For instance, there are lots of guys’s luxury garb with excessive pricing, however in line with the marketplace studies carried out via Sigrid Lynch, he illustrates that approx seventy five% of male clients decide on buying guys garb from reasonably-priced mens clothing web sites.

That is why reasonably-priced fits for guys and reasonably-priced garments for men are the foremost classes promoting by means of men’s garb suppliers and distributors now.

Therefore, as women clothing wholesale suppliers may additionally stay awareness on designs and traits, for guys’s apparel suppliers, they need to stay extra attention on pricing.

Overall, if you are selecting guys’s apparel suppliers and wholesalers, you must pick those providers that may offer you cheap mens garments on line, and additionally orders in bulk, because bulk buying have to most lessen fees in your enterprise.

Full listing of wholesale baby/child/kids garb providers and distributors

1. Chinabrands

2. Kids blanks through ZOE

3. Penguin Kids Wear

4. Kid’s Dream-made in USA

5. The Hair Bow Company

6. Doodle Pants

7. Peace Frogs

eight. Mega Group NYC

nine. Bambini Infant Wear

10. Via Trading Co.

11. Western Express INC

12. Yu International Company

13. Wholesale Princess

14. Bailey’s blossoms

15. Trooper Clothing

sixteen. Wholesale Girl’s clothes

17. Whispers LA

18. Seven Seas Inc

19. Mai Tai

20. Tuxedo Closeouts

What is the most important aspect that mother and father used to don’t forget first while they’re purchasing kids garb?

Designs? Colors? Prices?

Let me tell you the answer here, approx ninety five% of mother and father do not forget the protection first, you can recognize it as product exceptional.

Most of dad and mom will stay focus on the product first-class first, after which considering the fees, designs or something else.

Therefore, as you are a dealer seeking out wholesale baby/child/youngsters garb suppliers and vendors, you must no longer simplest searching out those infant garments wholesale providers who promoting cheap kids garments, but additionally qualified baby garments wholesalers.

For instance, Chinabrands is one of the fine wholesale youngster apparel providers on line, which presents high great garb specifically youngster clothing in bulk.

They constructed up the rigorous pleasant inspection trendy, and hired expert fine manipulate team to make sure every children’s clothing is qualified sufficient for selling.

How to discover greater wholesale garb providers and distributors

Except all 3 lists I gave above, as you could need to find some more wholesale apparel suppliers and distributors, you could seek through your self on-line. So, right here are a few guidelines to be able to discover them.

Try to go looking with extraordinary key phrases.

The same meanings may also have distinctive ways and phrases to describe, as an example, for most of baby products, you can seek the key phrases child, child, children to instead of infant.

Even Google Search Engine may also mechanically indicates the applicable effects, however as you looking with unique key phrases, you can have the threat to locate the exceptional consequences. Here are some instance so that it will discover relevant suppliers and vendors on search engine:

a. Switch the order of words

For instance, as you could searching the key-word ‘wholesale child garments’, in case you want to get some greater unique effects, you may switch the order of phrases like ‘ child garments wholesale’.

B. Add info

You may need to find infant clothes wholesale vendors with lower fees, you ought to upload those words imply ‘decrease price’ like ‘reasonably-priced’, you may seek it with ‘reasonably-priced infant garments wholesale’.

In addition, you could seek the consequences with lengthy tail key phrases like ‘wholesale youngsters’s boutique garb providers’, the more particular phrases you searched, you may get the extra distinctive consequences.

C. Use synonym for extra looking

Just like I cited above, you can use synonym update the unique keywords, to discover exclusive outcomes.

For instance, in case you already searched with the keyword ‘wholesale infant garments providers’, you could use ‘kids’ rather than ‘infant’ like ‘wholesale children garments suppliers’.

Depends at the key phrases you searched, you could locate a few extra extraordinary results.

Top 3 famous fashion garb style (2019 Updated)

Fashion apparel style is changing so speedy, which requires all wholesale style vendors should offer sort of modern-day and famous apparel.

1. Ladies fits

As we talk about suits, the primary word we may think is ‘professional’, ‘work’ or ‘enterprise’.

Suits always give a affect to customers that is ‘formal’. But now, there are plenty of humans mainly ladies customers love to wear ladies fits with informal fashion layout.

Therefore, in case you need to locate some thing new in your commercial enterprise, ladies fits wholesale providers must be the choice for you.

In addition, as you are searching women suits wholesale providers on-line, you may seek the keyword ‘women top wholesale’ as properly, due to the fact formal women top and women suits can be in shape up for a hard and fast. Of course, looking high style garb may be every other option.


2. Men get dressed

If it is the primary time you examine this word ‘men dress’, you might imagine ‘What is it?’.

But Yes! Men dress is one of the most famous guys clothing patterns now. Some of you can heard it before, the Scottish get dressed for guys is the maximum generally one. Also, there are many apparel suppliers are providing guys dresses now.

Scottish get dressed for guys is simply an example for you, you don’t need to locate the precise Scottish fashion men dress, because lots of famous designers already launched the informal style guys get dressed.

It is thought that it must be the opportunity to wholesale men garb like this, and you can get earnings from it.


3. Spanish style child clothes

Spanish fashion infant garments need to be the maximum famous baby apparel fashion now, its particular layout and cultural trouble ought to be the most up to date selling point for Spanish toddler clothes.

Therefore, discover the ones Spain-based apparel suppliers to your commercial enterprise, it must be the massive risk to steer the baby garments marketplace.


Common questions that recently asked by garb dealers. (FAQ provided)

1. I’m opening my new ladies boutique apparel keep, how can I deal with supply problems?

We all understand boutique style girls garb ought to be the most popular developments within the modern marketplace now, it’s far the large opportunity for us to make earnings. But how are we able to cope with its deliver problems? Is it possible to discover reliable ladies’s clothing wholesale providers that provide us sufficient boutique style apparel?

The answer is Yes for certain. But how?

First of all, if we’re seeking out boutique style clothes providers whatever on line or offline, we must make sure these suppliers are truly displaying you its shares for every product. That is the most direct way allow us to realize approximately its stocks and make further decision.

The 2d one is cooperated brands and manufacturers. For example, we are able to ask help from customer support staffs from suppliers, asking them the range of brands and producers that they’re cooperating with. This variety is an important statistic to indicates the capacity improvement of wholesale web sites and providers, as we are able to decide to purchase from it whatever long time or brief term partnership.

The ultimate one, additionally the most vital one: Alternatives. As sellers in such aggressive worldwide market, we want to make sure we have sufficient options that always available inside the ready list.

Once the current wholesale suppliers can’t provide enough garb to our commercial enterprise, we are able to quick switch our strategies, even change providers.

So we want to keep our commercial enterprise constantly working, with none lacking, particularly the supply chains.

2. I’m dwelling in California, in which to buy clothes in bulk cheap rate?

Basically, with the rapid development of e-commerce and worldwide transport, anyplace we are living, if both providers and our business location are take delivery of with delivery, distance isn’t always a big deal for our enterprise now.

Let’s circulate lower back to the query, definitely, you don’t want to locate wholesale clothing stores in California (anywhere you’re dwelling), there are so many garb wholesale suppliers on-line now. Of direction, these providers are absolutely providing better first-rate products with specific styles.

Here are the listing of on-line garb wholesale suppliers that available to deliver their products to California:

1. Chinabrands;

2. Liquidation General

three. American Bazi

four. Ccwholesaleclothing

five. The lookbook wholesale

6. Fashion Atlas Group

7. All USA Clothing

8. Peace Frogs

nine. Mega Group NYC

10. Via Trading Co.

Eleven. Penguin Kids Wear

12. Kid’s Dream-made in USA

thirteen. The Hair Bow Company

14. Doodle Pants

15. Peace Frogs

Also, if you are living in California locally, you can go to these clothing wholesale providers that actual discover in California:

1. Boulevard

2. New Yorker’s Apparel

3. Tasha Apparel Wholesale

four. Wholesale Fashion Couture Inc.

5. Wholesale Fashion Square

6. Clothing Showroom

7. Steal Deal Inc.

Eight. Delta Apparel Inc Distribution Center

9. TSC Apparel

10. The Apparel Source

eleven. Fortune Fashion Wholesale

12. LA Showroom

thirteen. Jasmine USA Clothing

14. Orange Zone

15. Apparel Candy

Overall, I want to mentioned once more that discover a dependable wholesale clothing dealer is the bases on your commercial enterprise, because they are able to offer you high exceptional and cheap apparel.

The most important one this is you can purchase clothes in bulk, which need to lessen your delivery prices.

Huge call for and wishes of garb requires such a lot of people begin doing or shopping wholesale garb china, try to make the proper choice through choosing the valuable garb wholesalers like Vintig MarketPlace.


“Bicycle Bill”, October 14, 2019 at 11:55 am

Can someone clear out the spam?


Larry Klaaren, October 14, 2019 at 12:19 pm

Bikes to you in Grinnell is the place for you. The female owner, I think her name might be April Cooper, has moved into the niche of bicycle clothing for women, and I hear she has good stuff. I think a previous post mentioned this also. They have a website that is easy to find.


alidayvn123aa vn, October 14, 2019 at 10:33 pm



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