Vicque – Charters – Should we choose 1-2 and keep our group together?


The way you created your post does not allow for replies so I put out a new thread.

I’m not sure what benefit splitting your group between 2 charters would be but I’d stick with 1 charter. And if you all use PBV’s tent service you can register as a group within PBV and they’ll put you in adjoining tents each night in the tent village.

As far as being far out of town it depends what you think far is. Not many charters are small enough to be right in the center of town anyway. And with nothing else to do the typical 1-2 mile walk to downtown is no big deal. Once there was a 2.5 mile walk in 2017. But you can pedal in also especially if you buy some clip in pedal platforms. Plus there is a shuttle bus.

For meals PBV has 3 included and 4 others you can purchase. The line moves so fast you’ll get better service then restaurants in town usually. And you’ll be sick of the carnival like food booths quickly.

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mootsman, February 20, 2019 at 2:11 pm


I think you started some topics intended for your group only but selected an option that put them on the RAGBRAI wide forum. Check out the options so you limit your discussions to just your group’s page and not the overall RAGBRAI forum.

Maybe someone else who has group discussions can clue us in here?


KenH, February 20, 2019 at 3:20 pm

Actually I think that Vicque did the right thing but you (like all the rest of us) are being confused by an apparent change to the forum software. If you pull down FORUMS from the main RAGBRAI page you are now taken to a summary screen that shows the most recent posts from all the subforums. I believe it used to show just the most recent posts from the “main” subforum which would be RAGBRAI XLVII – 2019 at the present. If you want to see the screen you are familiar with you now have to go over to the right side of the page and click on RAGBRAI XLVII – 2019. This has been confusing me for some time and I do believe it is a change in behavior but I cannot say for sure when it was made. The reason you can’t reply to Vicque’s thread is that it is in a private team area of the forums and you aren’t a member.

When it comes time to sell credentials later in the season the new format does give sellers more visibility and I am sure they appreciate that. I’d rather not have the visual clutter to deal with but I guess it can be chalked up to helping out your fellow riders who need to sell and so I just grin and bear it. Private team posts however should be filtered out of the opening screen however. In my opinion. If RAGBRAI is listening….


mootsman, February 21, 2019 at 8:28 am

I looked at the groups and I’m pretty sure you can still send email (private messages) to just your group and keep group discussions off the general forum. If all groups did this the forum would have lots of group chatter cluttering it.


Vicque Ebentheuer, February 22, 2019 at 6:35 pm

Hey all. Yep, newbie here. I did not mean for that to go to the RAGBRAI universe. It was for our group. Thanks for keeping me straight. I think we’re all going to use PBV. Very impressed. Particularly with the comprehensive support since we’re a group of 16 brand newbies travelling over a thousand miles for this adventure. Fairfield is where I went to High School. Idaho is our home now.


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