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What motivates you to ride?

The number of miles I rode last year (2020) was the least I have done since I started seriously riding back in 2005. This was due directly and indirectly to Covid. When Covid hit I stopped riding to make sure I wouldn’t use precious supplies or hospital space that Covid patients might need were I to crash. I got back out when it looked like we had some control of the virus, but I still rode solo. In doing so it is harder to get out of bed. Not committing to a club ride makes it easier to just roll back to sleep.
This year I am determined to be in shape for Ragbrai. 2019 was OK, but not being in top form, contributed to a mediocre experience for me. I want to change that in 2021. So, Ragbrai is my number one motivation. The second is logging miles on Bike Journal. Trying to maintain my position is a great motivator, and seeing other riders’ progress is interesting. Then health is always a great benefit. Hopefully, when vaccines are plentiful I can do group rides again. Until then I will train for Ragbrai solo. If I don’t make the lottery I will still be healthier and will train for 2022. What are your motivations to train?

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