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What would you do different next year?

SO 2017 was my first year doing RAGBRAI and I plan on doing it again next year. There are things I would do differently next year that I did this year. Was curious if there is anything anyone would do different next year? Or something they would bring or leave behind?

– I would bring a smaller tent, I had a 4 man tent for just myself…and It was too much room not too mention the weight and size it took in my duffel bag.
– I would bring a quality sleeping pad. This year I had an inflatable mattress. Again, it was additional weight and took up a lot of room in my duffel bag.
– I would bring a sleeping bag and sweatpants/sweatshirt. I brought 2 sheets, and a light weight long sleeve shirt this year thinking it would be warmer at night and a sleeping bag would be too warm. But I actually got cold at night and wish I had brought the sleeping bag and had a heavier sweatshirt to put on.
– I would bring less clothes. I brought cycling jerseys/bibs for almost everyday and also a change of clothes for afterwards for everyday. Next year I think I might bring 2 or 3 bibs and 4 jerseys. And for afterwards I would bring 2 or 3 pairs of shorts/shirts to wear and try to find someplace to wash them midweek or use the PBV laundry service.

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CyclingCyclone, December 11, 2017 at 9:07 am

Ryan Loken, I’ve used a Goal Zero Adventure 10 plus for about 5+ years now, and it works great. Pretty compact and it came with a battery pack. It’s about $100.00 or so, and I’ve used it plenty of times with no issues. On RAGBRAI, I’ll just set up my tent, and prop the solar panel up next to my tent, and charge either my Garmin or phone in no time so I really never use the battery pack.


Denton Kernodle, December 11, 2017 at 1:01 pm

Last year was my first year to ride the RAGBRAI, I used a small one person tent that is lightweight, a blanket and long underwear…this all worked just fine. I also had a good sleeping mat that worked very good. I only carried one set of biking shorts and jersey but wash them out each night, and that worked out great. Last year I camped with a charter group but I would like to hear from someone that stayed with the “Official RAGBRAI” group camp. I stayed with a charter group so that I could have a community tent and chairs to set in after the ride, and that worked out very well. Did the “official” camp have any amenities?


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