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"WHAT'S FOR DINNER" – What would you like to see provided to eat at overnights?

As one of Marshalltown’s eatery owners, what can we provide for you Wednesday night to help you recharge and be ready for the longest ride to Cedar Rapids on Thursday? It’s been 30 years since I rode on RAGBRAI, and back then I was just looking for carbs and calories. What are your suggestions that we might be able to provide this year?

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havencoffeehouse, June 4, 2012 at 7:54 pm

All of your comments here have been very helpful. We hope to have given you a chuckle or two in return along the way. Our “Blue Plate Special” this week (and yes, it IS served on a blue rimmed plate) is our chicken pot pie filling served over baking powder biscuits. We are using roasted chicken meat this week that has been frozen for a few weeks to see if our quality suffers. I can’t see that it has, so that decided things.

WE WILL BE SERVING CHICKEN POT PIE FILLING OVER BUTTERMILK BISCUITS during RAGBRAI’S overnight stop in Marshalltown July 25th at our one-day-only Annex location one block west of the courthouse square on Main Street. We will also have a variety of N/A beverages on ice, and a selection of homemade pie. For a discusion on what kinds of pie we should have ready, that is a topic for a new forum. A second entree may also be added, but that has not been decided or sure.

Haven’s regular menu will be scaled back at our regular location to simpliy things and speed up the serving time. Those changes are still being debated.


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