Which Bike Computer?? Love the stats:)

So the Cateye Padrone I’ve had for only a year already went kaput on me. What bike computer does everyone recommend? Trying to keep my spend on this between $100 – $300ish. Pros and cons of your choice would be appreciated.

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Eric Strobel, February 14, 2021 at 4:49 pm

Such a tough choice. I’ve never had a GPS type bike computer before and it can be a bit overwhelming. I like the idea of the bigger screen that’s on the Lezyne Mega and the feature on the Wahoo where it will stop recording below a predetermined speed is cool too. Oh, the research and thought process continues. I do appreciate all the feedback!


LawnchairMan, February 14, 2021 at 8:20 pm

Sorry if this adds to your dilemma, but my Garmin 520 was factory set to stop recording at less than 3 miles per hour. Times that it was mistakenly turned to zero would subtract about three miles per hour from my average speed. Oh, it also warns me if I start rolling without starting the unit at the beginning of my ride.
I mentioned earlier that I use fewer data per screen so that I get bigger fonts. This might make a difference that I ride a recumbent. Because of this, the unit is almost always at arm’s distance. I can’t use drop handlebars to get my head closer to the GPS. Besides that, my device has to be perpendicular to the ground, so I don’t want a large screen to drag in the wind.


montestaples, February 14, 2021 at 9:44 pm

I have used a Garmin 520 for several years. It came with speed, cadence, and heart rate sensor. It has so many functions I can never use them all. It has current elevation, total climb and total descent. You can setup several display screens any way you want and scroll through them. It can display the % grade which works by GPS so it takes a few seconds to compute and is not accurate in dense shade because the GPS can’t see the sky. I expect that would apply to any GPS unit. The speed sensor calibrates itself via GPS and if the sensor battery dies GPS calculates your speed but also does not update as quickly in dense shade. However the GPS mileage is very accurate. The phone app is great. I can reload any ride I have ever ridden with my Garmin and have never lost any. I really like viewing “segments” and have setup several of my own. With segments you can compare your ride to all other Garmin users that have ridden the same segment. There seem to be a lot of Garmin users. With insights you can compare your average speed to other Garmin users by age group which I find really motivating. It is also very easy to put your name and phone number on the startup screen and specify how long you want it to display. That could come in handy if you ever lose it. I don’t think that was in the manual but all you do is connect your Garmin to a computer, access it like a USB drive, and edit the setup file. The battery life is extended by having the screen go blank after a delay which you can set. Also dimming the display extends battery life. However I like having a continuous full brightness display so I keep my Garmin plugged into an external battery so I never come remotely close to worrying about battery life even on a 122 mile day. I like the suggestion above about downloading a manual for anything you are considering especially if you are one of the few people that ever reads a user manual.


Dueywife, February 17, 2021 at 4:31 pm

Had a Cateye for years, still have it and handed it down to my daughter. Now I’m running Xoss G+. I really like the portability and that it automatically pauses when you pause. The Xoss bluetooth connects to the phone to download the ride (no more Cateye dock & download). It also pairs with my husband’s Garmin watch to measure heartrate and I believe you can get a separate heartrate & cadence sensors. I then link everything to Strava to compare “flybys” and track running & cycling. My only “complaints” would be it can take a while to get the satellite signal and download, but its about the same as my Cateye.


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