RAGBRAI L Concert Series Announced!

Wild Men Riding and hosting men's groups – Come sit with conscious men!

Caution: Wild Men Riding

Over 30 years, the ManKind Project (MKP) has given nearly 50,000 men from around the world the opportunity to harness more of their wildness as men – and use it in healthy ways to make the world a better place.

This year, 24 of the ManKind Project’s “New Warriors” will be “Road Warriors” at RAGBRAI. They range in age from 25 to 65. They’re from all kinds of backgrounds, and in all kinds of shape. Many of these men have never met, and yet they share a deep bond of brotherhood and a commitment to helping men lead powerful, purposeful, healthy, and impactful lives.

They have shared an experience of a ‘hero’s journey’ called the New Warrior Training Adventure, an experience that pushed them to the edge of their capability; physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, and helped them realize how strong they could be. These men have learned first hand that powerful, supportive, and challenging relationships with a community of men can have incredible ripple effects across generations. They have revolutionized their relationships, transformed their work, and discovered a deep sense of purpose within themselves that informs how they live their lives.

They share a belief that it’s time for men to get together and take responsibility for supporting one another to create a better world. It’s time for a definition of healthy manhood that is both fierce and nurturing, compassionate and wild – masculinity evolved to handle a rapidly changing reality, and to consciously raise the next generations of boys into healthy and grown up men.

Along the route at RAGBRAI, the men of MKP will be holding open men’s groups, inviting men to come and ‘check in’ with a group of conscious men [LAKE VIEW, MARSHALLTOWN, ANAMOSA]. Groups will be an hour and a half in length, from 6:30 until 8 pm, leaving plenty of time to enjoy the evenings entertainment. These groups are free, confidential, and highly supportive. They’re places where men get brutally honest with themselves and each other, and do the work to build the world they want to live in and be the change they wish to see.

You can learn more by talking to an MKP ‘Road Warrior’ out on the ride – look for the bright yellow jersey with “Changing the world, one man at a time” on the back … they’ll be happy to answer any questions.

Text 413-883-2462 to get more information … and look for the ManKind Project Flag flying above our camp sites.

** MKP is not affiliated with any political ideology or religious practice. Our commitment is to healthy men and a better planet for our children and grandchildren. We strive to be increasingly inclusive and diverse. We help men grow, because the world needs grown up men. **

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