From Oz to Ackworth

Dorothy, Toto and all their friends from Oz stopped for beer this morning at the Shady Oaks Golf Course in Ackworth. The costumed cyclists were part of a group from the Tall Dog Bike Club in Ames, and they cooked up the idea during last year’s RAGBRAI.


The ride, after all, takes courage, heart and . . . well, brains are a bonus.


“It’s going to be a long day Little Lollipop,” tinwoman Michelle Douglas of Kansas City told her beer-bellied munchkin friend.


But there were advantages to the costumes, too. The group joked that they could use Douglas’ oilcan to grease up their bike gears, and the Cowardly Lion was getting all kinds of catcalls in his furry suit.



— Michael Morain

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