RAGBRAI LI July 20 -27, 2024

Greenfield, with support from RAGBRAI®, will host riders in July following the deadly tornado in May

  • 11 June, 2024
  • Anne Lawrie

Des Moines, Iowa – Tuesday, June 10, 2024 – Greenfield, with support from RAGBRAI®, will host riders in July following the deadly tornado in May.

An EF-4 tornado tore a mile-long path through Greenfield on May 21, leaving four people dead and close to 200 homes, the hospital, the fire department, and various buildings destroyed.

“After careful consideration and many conversations with local officials and partners, we have decided to welcome the RAGBRAI community on this year’s ride,” said Gina School, RAGBRAI Greenfield committee co-chair and local business owner. “We have changed our theme for the day to Greenfield Strong, Rising After the Storm.

Greenfield was announced as the day three meeting town for RAGBRAI 2024 in April. Town officials have been working since then on their plans to host nearly 20,000 riders from all 50 states and 17 countries.

“I have seen first-hand what RAGBRAI nation can do to show appreciation for the communities that show up for them.  With Greenfield’s decision to host, our team is committed to providing any support they will need to be successful that day,” said Matt Phippen, RAGBRAI ride director. “Greenfield’s resilience after the tornado is a testament to the strength of their community.  The people of Iowa are the driving force that make this ride so special.”

RAGBRAI officials rode through on June 4th during the annual route inspection ride to support the community and start conversations about how RAGBRAI could best support Greenfield’s desire to host riders in July.

“Since the day after the tornado, the RAGBRAI team and riders from all over the country have reached out with an abundance of love and support,” said School. “We hope to allow riders to see some of the devastation but also experience our beautiful untouched historic town square, visit our local businesses, and hear the stories of survival and perseverance from our citizens.”

More details for Greenfield’s plans will be released soon including the detailed bicycle and vehicle routes through the community. Follow RAGBRAI and RAGBRAI Greenfield socials pages to stay up to date on their plans. Click here to donate directly to tornado relief.


  1. Daniel Leinbach

    I reached out to RAGBRAI a week or so ago with the following:
    RAGBRAI LI will be my third. Like many, I have wondered whether we would stick with the plan to go through Greenfield.
    For my $0.01 (not worth $0.02), I hope we visit Greenfield. I cannot fathom the outpouring of support that RAGBRAI
    participants would bring. That said, I understand the accommodations required would be an additional burden on the
    beleaguered community, one they as a whole may want to avoid.
    Some will find fault in whatever decision is made; I for one believe there to be no right or wrong answer in this case.
    So, thank you RAGBRAI staff for all you do, and to Greenfield – I’m looking forward to our visit.

  2. mtbmed

    I was just in Greenfield, working with Team Rubicon to assistant residents with the beginnings of recovery from this tornado. We were just one of many NGOs and VOADs on the ground there. 1st thing all of those with me could notice … these folks are incredibly resilient and were all in to getting their lives picked up.
    All of the folks I talked and worked with (right in the main affected area) unanimously supported RAGBRAI coming thru. That could be the most normal thing they get to do this summer. I can’t wait to report on my bike and catch up to a few that became friend in those 8 days. See you soon, Greenfield!

  3. One4TheRoad

    To the Residents of Greenfield IA:

    We want to say to you how honored we are to visit your community. You are an exemplary example of Iowa commitment and the fortitude of it’s residents.

    When we ride into Greenfield, we will be remember those lost, and the struggles you all experienced. If we may ask of you one more thing. We would like to donate some funds to your recovery effort, and hope there will be a way for us to accomplish that during our visit to your community.

    May God Bless you and your recovery.
    Ken, Joleen, Linda

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