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  • Allen Brody
  • Nineteen years ago Team Schmoooze began as an off shoot of Team Aim High Air Force. The team was comprised of active duty Air Force personnel and a few of my friends. The team has evolved over generations, morphed, and has included members with various challenges and from several continents. In 2017 the team is a loose assemblage of members and friends. There are no special needs riders that I am aware of.
    Most of the team rides recumbents but any bike is fine. RAGBRAI is not a race and most of us certainly don’t try to finish first. That being said, a few of us do like going fast at times. Most of us have a goal of riding EDM which is an acronym for Every Damn Mile. We try to do the century loop and stay on the route riding through all the towns. How you choose to ride is totally up to you.
    This afternoon, I was informed that each rider can pay individually.
    If this is the case, that would be best and I am asking you to try to pay ASAP. In the past I did not want the added responsibility of purchasing RAGBRAI merchandise. This will make the process very personal and you can order anything you would like.
    There will be a team fee. In the past Craig would design and produce custom Team Schmoooze jerseys each year. That is not his plan this year. The jerseys cost about $100 each. If you really want one, please ask Craig directly.
    Please let me know if you receive this via e-mail. It would be most helpful if you could text me and indicate that you paid for your registration. My tel# is at the end of this note.
    I look forward to meeting our new folks and reconnecting with the old timers.
    Schmoooze on!
    AL Brody