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Happy Birthday Grampa RAGBRAI!

  • 12 March, 2012
  • Jared

We wish the happiest of birthdays to RAGBRAI co-founder, John Karras.  Karras, along with Donald Kaul, founded the bicycle adventure that is known today as RAGBRAI.  John still rides RAGBRAI most summers and plans to ride RAGBRAI XL this July. 


  1. Wendy

    Thank goodness for Karras and Kaul!

  2. Bill Mercado

    Happy B’day Mr. Karras. Now I know where the Karras Loop originates. Thank You.


  3. Jerry Phelps

    Happy Birthday John. Looking forward to seeing you with Team Skunk in July. Enjoy your next trip around the sun!

  4. J Devaney

    Difficult to believe it is 40 years.

  5. Erik Iverson

    Happy Birthday Mr. Karras! What a legend you are! And how proud you must be to have started such a thing that gives so many people so much joy every year!

  6. Biken' Bob

    Happy Birthday John.
    I wrote you 38 years ago before my first x-country bike ride and cherished your typed return letter of encouragement. I couldn’t wait to read your stories. (Even copied the buckshot down the seat tube trick.) I talked a couple friends into riding x-country, my town surprised us with a parade! upon our return. I talked my college friends into bike trips and my wife for a ride x-country and Europe and further travel around the world… I can imagine many, many others have been greatly affected by what you set in motion. I met you on RAGBRAI a few years back & hope to see you on the road again, soon.

  7. mike

    Are you going to ride out from Colorado?

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