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Happy Retirement to Tim Lane – The Original RIDE RIGHT Chair

  • 24 June, 2010

Tim Lane has worked in the public health field for over a quarter of a century.  In his career he has become recognized not only in Iowa but across the continent as a tireless advocate for prevention and wellness.  Tim is retiring today from the Iowa Department of Public Health.

Tim helped create the RIDE RIGHT safety program for RAGBRAI.  He has ridden his bike across America once and across Iowa approximately 40 times.  35-plus times on RAGBRAI as a member of Team Skunk and last week’s one-day-across-Iowa trek with Team I-24

We are sure that Tim will continue to advocate for health and fitness and continue to promote bicycle safety.  We wish him all the best in his future endeavors!

(Tim (left) is shown with Dan Baldi preparing for the I-24)


  1. Carl Voss

    Tim is one of my favorite high-energy guys. I look forward to receiving his FITNET news, which appears in my e-mail inbox about 5:30 a.m. without fail.

    On the downside: Does his early retirement (no desk, no office) mean that he’ll be pestering his friends at 5:30 in the morning—before most mortals have had a jolt of caffeine?

    And who will be reminding us to eat our five portions of fruit and veggies each day?

  2. TJ Juskiewicz

    Tim, you are the first person I met from Iowa. Thank you for introducing me to RAGBRAI and for the years of friendship! Enjoy! TJ

  3. James Hart

    You were the 1st person I connected with in DSM when I moved here in ’81 and we have had many great bike rides and other athletic events together. I expect that you will continue to make contributions to the health and safety of the community.
    All the best to you in retirement.

  4. Steve 'Slim' Quirk

    Congrats Tim. You have made a huge impact in the lives of many people. Thanks for your work in public health and in the entire biking community. I look forward to seeing you on your bike more often now that you don’t have to be bothered with work. Peace, SLIM

  5. John Karras

    In the early RAGBRAI years Tim would sneak out and follow us as Don Benson and I drove out of Des Moines to scout that year’s route in a comic effort to get a jump on everyone else before the route was announced. Once he showed at lunch wearing Groucho Marx glasses and eyebrows. We’ve known each other a long time and have skied, hiked and biked (at my glacially slow pace) together many times. I expect to see quite a bit of him the next month or so here in Colorado. Wonderful memories.

  6. Tim

    Thanks guys…I appreciate the thoughts. I’ll look for you on the road.

  7. Carla Pope

    Congrats Tim on your retirement and riding across the state in 24 hours! I and the rest of the I-24 team couldn’t have it done it without you. Happy Trails!

  8. Laura aka Goddess

    Tim: You talked me into riding my first RAGBRAI in 1998 and served as my white knight in shining armor. I’ve never been the same since thanks to you! Your reservation is waiting in Waldo.

  9. Carol Mahlendorf

    Tim: As you are aware, you are a major reason that I keep doing RAGBRAI! No one I know has made more of a healthy impact on the lives of so many people. You deserve many rewarding years of retirement (I started to say “relaxing” instead of “rewarding”, but then realized to whom I was writing!).


    Good Luck Tim – as a fellow SKUNK for the last 18 years.
    See you in July!

  11. denise link

    Congratulations, old friend! All the best in the years to come. We love you!

  12. Brent

    Congratulations Tim! You should feel proud for all the good work you’ve done to promote good health and cycling.

    See you in a few weeks on RAGBRAI.

    Best Wishes, Brent Dakin

  13. Justin

    Congrats Tim! Thanks so much for introducing me to so many wonderful things in Iowa in only the last few months.


  14. Carrie Lane

    He will never retire! Even at 62, he has the energy of a puppy. Maybe he’ll float around a bit, but he’ll always do what makes him happy; inspire other people to laugh and be healthy.
    Being his daughter, I can definitely speak to this.

    However, I am waiting until he’s in a wheelchair to challenge him to a two-wheeled race. Wait, maybe I should make that a long jump.

    Love you, daddy!

  15. susie scot

    I’ve never even met you and you are an inspiration to those of us in UPPER-MIDDLE-YOUTH! Just when i think i may not be able to make it through one more RAGBRAI a buy who is 8 years older than i am rides across the great state o Iowa in one day! Ride on!!

  16. Don Benson

    Who knows how long I’ve known Tim and watched him in action–which in itself makes me tired! Jackie and I wish him the best in retirement and many more years of riding with all routes downhill and the wind to his back.

    Cheers, Tim!!

  17. Shellie Pfohl

    Tim, Thanks for your leadership and friendship through the years. Congratulations and see you at RAGBRAI!

  18. Molly Frazer


    I realize my message is a bit late but I wish you well in your retirement. Tails up for a great Ragbrai!


  19. Mark and Cindy

    Congratulations Tim, see you at RAGBRAI !

  20. Art Seaman

    Lost track of you some years ago. Remember fond RAGBRAI days with you. I was a Skunk for a couple of years. I am enjoying my retirement, hope you enjoy yours.

    Art Seaman

  21. Mary W. Carson

    Farewell to The Pun King! You will be missed not only for your healthy tips & your encouragement of a good lifestyle but also for your puns. Enjoyed the ride while it lasted and certainly hope you find happiness in retirement..although
    I can’t imagine you sitting still for long. If you launch yourself on a new adventure later on, let everyone know.

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