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Here’s what kids think of RAGBRAI

  • 23 July, 2018

It’s not just the adults that battle the heat and hills for RAGBRAI each year.

Many pre-teens and teenagers rolled out on their bikes this week.

Here’s what they think of RAGBRAI (Spoiler: Pie and ice cream are hits, hills are not):

“It’s fun, I like it. The only thing is it’s crowded riding with a lot of people. My favorite food was Beekman’s Homemade Ice Cream.”

Johnny Mansueto, 12, of Chicago

“It’s a great experience being around so many other bikers, but (I’m) worried about running into people. There’s also some good apple pie and pork chops.”

Hannah Bassel, 11, of Sioux Falls, South Dakota

“This is my fourth year doing the full thing. I started when I was 9. My brothers all did it so I followed what they did. I really like the food and the people on our team. I love Beekman’s (Homemade Ice Cream) and Farm Kids (food stand). The only thing I didn’t really like was the crosswinds.”

Kendrick LaPrad, 12, of Des Moines

“My cousin (Kendrick) talked me into it. I didn’t like the crosswind. I was dying until I entered a cornfield. Would I do it again? You probably shouldn’t ask me that right now. I did like the chicken on a stick and the fried pork tenderloin.”

Bolling Lewis, 12, of Richmond, Virginia

“It’s my first year. It’s really fun compared to all the training because we stop a lot in all of the towns. I loved Farm Kids burritos and bowls. What I didn’t like was the showers.”

Trey Munn, Jr., 14, of Clinton, Utah

“It’s my fourth year. I’ve been increasing my mileage each year. I’m up to 60 this year. I like hanging out with my team. I don’t like the heat. I love the pie, I like any pie.”

Oliver Rosendahl, 11

“I like RAGBRAI. There are a couple hard parts, like the hills, but I just like being with the team.”

Henry Parker, 12, of New York, New York

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