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I think I just spotted

  • 20 July, 2009
  • Michael Morain

I think I just spotted a field of farm-fresh marijuana. #ragbrai.

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  1. Joyce Makrey

    You probably did! Only, it is not supposed to be of the quality that people that are supposedly street smart in drugs want anything to do with. It is considered a weed here in Iowa. When I was a kid, the farmers said it ruined a good batch of milk. They milked the cows and then, had to throw the milk away. My dad said it was “Wacky Weed”. I guess that was a farmer term back then, but I sure never questioned it and left the stuff alone!
    Native Iowan
    P.S. – Have you been told what IOWA stands for? It is kind of fitting for RAGBRAI as it stands for I (Iowans),O (out), W (wandering) A (around). IOWA!

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