Ice water plunge could pay big bucks 

  • 26 July, 2016

A giant steel tub of blue ice water drew a herd of cyclists in Mount Ayr Tuesday.

Think bobbing for apples, except hurling your entire body through floating icebergs and beneath the surface.

Contestants scooped as many rings as possible off the bottom of the tank in 15 seconds. Finding colored meant rings winning cash – up to $100 for the prized golden ring.

“The water is cold, the money is hot!” shouted Lynn Rinehart, a city worker dressed like a clown.

“There’s been some sore knees that have gotten miraculously healed.”

Healing wasn’t exactly how Lisa Mormon of Dyersville described her plunge.

“It was brutal,” she said, while sopping and gasping.

She didn’t find any colored rings.

But it wasn’t all for naught with temperatures in the 80s and 32 miles of pedaling behind her. Just 27 more to go before the end of RAGBRAI’s third day in Leon.

RAGBRAI Day 3 photos: Creston to Leon

RAGBRAI Day 3 photos: Creston to Leon

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