Impressive lungs sell pie in Martensdale

Martensdale, Ia. – As far as residents here were concerned, it was way too easy for bikers to breeze right through on Highway 28 without spending time or money in their town. And so, folks with handmade signs and strong lungs surrounded the main intersection to compete for customers.

On one side of the highway, signs pointed the way to the “Margaritaville” party, which promised hot food, cold beer, and hot chicks. Nearby, girls in short shorts signs pointed to The Roadside Inn, whose outdoor stage featured Clive rock band Shatter.

Jeri Jo Dudney was sitting nearby watching the proceedings when she got drafted to help her church, St. Paul Lutheran, sell dessert. Someone handed her sign and told her to yell “pie.”

The church hoped to sell 1,000 slices of blueberry, apple, peach, and rhubarb pie to raise money for a handicapped-accessible bathroom.

Dudney, it turned out, was the perfect woman to get the word out.

“Pie! Get your homemade pie!” she bellowed, easily eclipsing every other voice in town.

Church congregation president Kim Downs of St. Charles walked up from down the street and laughed as Dudney paused to inquire how she was doing.

“Not only can I hear you across the street,” Downs said, “But I can hear you two blocks that way.”

–L. Lars Hulsebus


Rick H, Jul 22, 2009 at 9:59 am

We took a break in that town and listened to her for 20 minutes. I gave her a dollar and told her to “buy a throat lozenge.”

stephanie s, Jul 26, 2009 at 8:05 pm

we also had a bike wash in martensdale and it was a free will donation but some people thought it was a bad idea 🙁
and we rased about 700 dollers and all you that stop thank u for the donation it will help the fire department a lot for equipment

Freduado, Sep 19, 2009 at 8:52 am

It was six in the morning that fateful tuesday. I had downed my five hour energy drink and chased it with a tall glass of glorious ice water. The air was crisp and chilly and the sun had barely just risen over the alps of the monstrous highway hill R-45. It was a day that defeat the purpose of all other days that year. It was Ragbrai.
I had prepared my lungs for weeks just yelling into pillows and at the mirror. Working on powerful yet recessive facial expressions, That would make people want ICE COLD BEER!!!!! RIGHT HERE!!!! GET CHA BEER HEEEEEAHHH!!!!! ICE COLD BEER RIGHT OVER HERE!!!!!!! BEEEER HERE!!!! I screamed to no Avail at first….
It Was a Scream off between me and every other person trying to make a dollar in the entire town of Martensdale!!!!! It was a ferocious battle of who could keep from losing their voice first. I prevailed!!!!! and after long and tiresome screaming at the every annoyed bicyclists. They stopped and enjoyed the fruits of my amazing voice and the angelic harmonies of ” GET YA BEER HERE!!!! ICE COLD BEEEEER RIGHT OVER HERE!!!!!!! DONT GO TO MAGARITAVILLE!!!!

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