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Lance Armstrong plans to ride 2011 RAGBRAI

  • 30 June, 2011

Des Moines Register Iowa columnist Kyle Munson reports that star bicyclist and seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong plans to ride this year’s RAGBRAI.

Armstrong’s manager, Mark Higgins with Capital Sports & Entertainment in Austin, Texas, said that the retired racer will make his way to Iowa for a portion of the 39th annual RAGBRAI.

Read more from Munson here.

Lance Armstrong enjoys a beer in the yard of Phyllis Franzen of Lambs Grove, Ia., during the 2006 RAGBRAI. (Rodney White/Register file photo)


  1. Amanda

    Well, on a good note, vendors in Central Iowa will have coconut creme pie this year.

  2. Sandy+

    And this will be bad for RAGBRAI? Seems like the Court of Public Opinion convicts many in our culture. No proof, no evidence, just speculation and testimony from some jealous riders. That being the case, keep your distance from him so those of us wanting to meet someone who raises millions of dollars to fight cancer can meet him.

  3. Tim

    This is great. Great for the ride, great for cycling and I would love to be able to ride 5 miles – or 50 miles with this man. Viva La Lance.

  4. nomormoto

    He can enjoy a beer in my yard anytime… Cancer touches everyone and I’m thankfull for all the fundraising done to find a cure.. !!

  5. Rod

    I am so proud to be riding on Tema LIVESTRONG and to have the added benefit to meet Lance and ride with him…. I am so honored, so very honored! Lance is a hero in my book and always will be.

  6. Tom

    Fantastic! I hope his start point / time are announced. It would be awesome to ride with him and the LIVESTRONG Team for a bit!

  7. Richard Anderson

    BRILLIANT NEWS! Lance is THE MAN! Best in the sport, ever, and his charity rocks! All around wonderful human being. He was great to my kids when they met him during his last RAGBRAI.

    Good for Lance and Great for RAGBRAI!

    Any presidential hopefuls riding this year?

  8. strei

    He’s a fraud. The fact that he’s raising money for cancer awareness is great but should we just pretend that he’s not a doper? Dope that might have caused his cancer?

  9. Paul

    I’ll ride with you if you cant find anyone to ride with.

  10. Penny Jenn

    We welcome Lance and all fellow RAGBRAI riders to our town of Oxford. Sample our community vendor’s food including kolaches, ham ball sundays, pies and much more and alos the local talent. See you on friday, July 29th!

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