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Video replay: RAGBRAI route announcement

  • 30 January, 2010

Tickets were sold out for the Jan. 30 RAGBRAI Route Announcement Party benefitting the Iowa Bicycle Coalition at the Iowa Event Center’s Hy-Vee Hall in downtown Des Moines. But you can still watch all the action here with our online video replay.  (Check this previous blog post for ways to follow ongoing RAGBRAI news through our text messages, Twitter feed and on Facebook.) The show featured an acoustical performance by The Nadas, who have entertained RAGBRAI riders for many years including recent stops in Greenfield, Ames and Cedar Falls.


  1. Big Iowa 7

    What is with droning on and on about stuff that can be stated later, like AFTER the route is announced?

  2. Scott

    Rock Rapids, Spirit Lake, Algona, Clear Lake, Charles City, Decorah, Elkader, Dubuque

  3. Ben

    Okay, this is getting alittle ridiculous…announce already..LOL…

  4. Carol

    I’m in Mexico….waiting…waiting….

  5. Capp

    No chairs? Glad I didn’t pay to go to this.

  6. David

    waiting… waiting…. in Toronto

  7. jkkerr

    Let’s start the bidding at $10,000,000!

  8. Andrea Erdmann

    I’m in Papua New Guinea…..watching the live feed. It’s Sunday afternoon here.

  9. Big Iowa 7

    This is getting tiring. My clock says 9:00 where the heck is the route announcment?

  10. Big Iowa 7


  11. Capp

    OK! I am there!

  12. Rock 3

    Team Rocker says — WOW, the 3rd easiest route ever, and the 5th flattest Ragbrai route ever for the 38th edition of the Rag! Rock On!!!

  13. Duster

    i am unable to get the feed. what is the route

  14. krucam

    Sioux City, Storm Lake, Algona, Clear Lake, Charles City, Waterloo, Manchester, Dubuque.

    Bob Brancel, from Brancel Charters won the ‘guess the route’ contest!

  15. Rock 3


  16. Linda

    Isn’t it supposed to be Clear Lake, then Charles City and then Waterloo? I think they are scrolling across in the wrong order.

  17. ldmyers

    Thanks for a fun event! I look forward to this summers ride.

  18. Darius Pendola

    great share i will definitely come back and look around some more

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