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Video replay: RAGBRAI route announcement

  • 30 January, 2010

Tickets were sold out for the Jan. 30 RAGBRAI Route Announcement Party benefitting the Iowa Bicycle Coalition at the Iowa Event Center’s Hy-Vee Hall in downtown Des Moines. But you can still watch all the action here with our online video replay.  (Check this previous blog post for ways to follow ongoing RAGBRAI news through our text messages, Twitter feed and on Facebook.) The show featured an acoustical performance by The Nadas, who have entertained RAGBRAI riders for many years including recent stops in Greenfield, Ames and Cedar Falls.


  1. CsiMojo

    I’m getting my popcorn and I’m so excited!

  2. CsiMojo

    Someone said the ending town is Dubuque! Is it really?

  3. LoneRider192

    The smart money is on Marquette Iowa.

  4. BBM_WP

    I hope we stop in Monicello Iowa. I met a farm helper named Schwandt. He was the most friendly guy I ever met.

  5. Bikegunner

    hate to disappoint but it id going to the flat God’s country this year!! Can you say North Iowa!!!!

  6. BBM_WP

    I just can’t go back to Clinton. My ex-husband Joe lives there. He just can’t leave me alone. He’s married now but I don;t think that will stop him.

  7. LoneRider192

    What’s your guess Bikegunner?

  8. LoneRider192

    Where’s the ending town?

  9. Iowegian

    Rock Rapids, Spirit Lake, Algona, Clear Lake, Charles City, Decorah, Elkader, Dubuque

  10. Triangle Lodge No 643

    Rock Rapids will NOT be the start town. Sioux City is.

  11. BBM_WP

    My bet is on Sioux City to be the starting town.

  12. Casey

    confused.. Sioux City makes sense (right on river), however if that’s the case, no way that Spirit lake in the next town? That’s over 110 miles even if riding on main Highways, and Ragbrai is known for zig-zagging between towns, not straight from point-a to point-B

  13. Ken Reed

    I believe it will start in Sioux City and end in Dubuque. It’s too early for Rock Rapids since they started there in 2007.

  14. Bill

    Try Rock Valley, still a long day but very flat. Bill

  15. raaymakers170

    Pass the popcorn, I hope it’s not Clinton for BBM_WP sake.

  16. DK formerly of Balltown, IA

    If ending town is Dubuque will they somehow go along the Great River Road, through the wonderful town of Balltown?
    For a great article on Breitbach’s Country Dining in Balltown, look in the Feb 2010 Reader’s Digest

  17. Carl Wargula

    Coming from AZ in July, I can only hope it’s cooler, flat, and not raining.

  18. raaymakers170

    Pass the popcorn! I hope it’s not Clinton fpr BBM_WP sake.

  19. raaymakers170

    Pass the popcorn! I hope it’s not Clinton for BBM_WP sake.

  20. teejtc

    Can’t make it this year… and STILL can’t wait to find out!!

  21. Seth

    Sounds exciting!

  22. raaymakers170

    Pass the popcorn! I hope it’s not Clinton for BBM_WP sake.

  23. Kathy

    Okey dokey – let’s go!

  24. Travman

    I’m going to go with Sioux Center for starting town

  25. Derek

    Band sucks! How about you stop playing and tell us the route… it’s past 7:30 bastards!

  26. J&A

    We vote start in Sioux City, end in Marquette/McGregor.

  27. Joe_172

    I like violins.

  28. Doug

    Le Mars is my bet

  29. roder170

    Pass the popcorn! I hope it’s not Clinton for BBM_WP sake.

  30. da

    stay over in oelwein

  31. mikebmass

    when is this going to happen??

  32. Ron Downing

    As long as Schley gets picked I will be a happy camper

  33. kylecg1

    Akron to Lansing!

  34. DQ_170

    I hope we stop in Monticello!

  35. Matthew

    When do these fools announce the route?

  36. George

    can’t wait for July, going all the way this year!!!

  37. ar

    really? is dubuque the ending town ?

  38. Ken Reed

    I dig the Nadas and all but announce the route already…the suspense is killing me!

  39. Ron Downing

    Cresco as a stay over gots my vote eh

  40. Big Iowa 7

    Does anyone else even care the nadas are playing?

  41. krucam

    Love the Nadas…but enough of the hype already…

  42. DQ_170

    Matthew..You in a hurry. Come down… If you can’t take the pressure go to bed and read the news in the morning! Enjoy the foreplay.

  43. Big Iowa 7

    If yuo look at the footage of the audience or listen when the nadas are between songs no one is watching them and no one applauds. I don’t hink anyone there even cares they are on stage playing. I think all they want is the route announced.

  44. roder170

    I hope it ends in Burlington again

  45. ar

    i’m with you matthew. let’s get this show rolling.

  46. Sioux City Tony

    Can we politely ask the Nadas to get off the stage????

  47. Murph

    What a great evening to think of warm thoughts with friends in July.

  48. john752son

    Pass the popcorn. I hope it doesn’t end in Clinton for BBM_WP sake.

  49. DF

    How about New Hampton….first time since the 70s.

  50. Lynor

    How about Waterloo; Elkader; Monticello; Dubuque

  51. Big Iowa 7

    DQ, yes we are in a hurry. Enough is enough. I say announce the freaking route NOW!!!

  52. Bill

    The information given those of us who paid the $30 is that the route will be announced at 9 PM. As I said starts at Rock Valley. Bill

  53. Reid_184

    What about Camanche? That’s a great place to end.

  54. krucam

    The announcement will come “sometime after 9pm” Iowa time??? ***, guess those of us in MD and digging out from the snow won’t be around at 10pm EST to hear the news. Fuggin’ all this drama for nothing…

  55. Big Iowa 7

    They just said it will be announced at 9:00 pm. I’ll believe that when I see it. At least we know so we don’t have to sit at our computers and watch this boring crap for the next hour+. I’ve got an errand to run. Be back in a bit.

  56. john752son

    Pass the popcorn. i hope it doesn’t end in Clinton for MMB_WP sake.

  57. Denny

    Sioux City would be a great place to start. The local newspaper, the Sioux City Journal, had a great article today on RAGBRAI. The community is pumped about the possibility of hosting the start.

  58. J&A

    Screw this. We’ll tune back in at 9…we just want THE ROUTE!

  59. Krystal

    Any votes for a stop in Manchester?

  60. Cassidy

    What’s this 9:00 crap, what happened to 7:30, guess it can wait util tomorrow, or whenever!

  61. roder170

    i’m with Reid_184 CAMANCHE

  62. Reid_184

    Making this simple for the slow people…. If you are in a hurry and can’t wait! Go to bed. Wake up and read the paper. Then you will know the route.

  63. Reid_184

    J&A… You want the route (and a few others)!!! Don’t be rude!

  64. Dave

    Rock Valley is a good place to start

  65. J&A

    I’m sorry. Yes I’ve been rude. I just hate my life. I don’t have nothing better to do.

  66. john752son

    did they annouce the route?

  67. Dave

    no, the route has not been officially announced. suppose to happen at 9pm

  68. john752son

    J&A who do you ride with

  69. Curtis

    Hope they stop in Sac City. Our town has a 7 million dollar sewer plant to pay for and we need the money!

  70. J&A

    I ride with ISU_Night_Riders.

  71. Cpt_Meier

    I’m looking forward to seeing the Wild Pigs!

  72. john752son

    Sounds gay. Is that a gay club?

  73. Capt_Meier

    Don’t ask! Don’t Tell!

  74. Vicious Cycle

    All right already! I love the Nadas, but why did they tell us 7:30?? I need to walk my dog and put my kids to bed!!

  75. J&A

    I knoq ir’a probably to late but I’d like to end in Camanche too!

  76. Lynor

    Waterloo I heard

  77. Joe_170

    I hope we can just all get along this year. Remember to ride right!. Brian, this means you!

  78. Coach

    Hawarden to Sibley (Sun)to Emmetsburg(Mon)to Humboldt (Tues) to Mason City (Weds) to Cresco (Thurs) to Waukon (Fri) to Marquette (Sat)

  79. John Bobbitt Special

    I curious as to the farthest person sitting around their PC waiting for the route to be announced. I’m in CT, anybody farther??

  80. Freddy

    Stop the manipulation. The DSM Register fool responsible for this monster waste of time need be fired. The medium isn’t as important as the message. Get on with it.

  81. Joe_170

    Oh God!!! I hope it ends in Marquette!!

  82. keith

    in rockport texas near corpus christi, 2008 rode, this year for 2nd time

  83. Kins

    Humboldt had it in 2007. They didn’twant it then I am sure they won’t want it again four years later. Besides Humboldt to Mason City is too far fo one day. My guess would be Algona to Mason City instead.

  84. Freddy Krueger

    Freddy… If you can’t stand the drama, get out of the kitchen. Nerd!

  85. Jake

    I’m in South Carolina

  86. Ben

    In Los Angeles…Virgin ride last year for me….looking out for the new route tonight..

  87. Freddy

    FK…if you can’t stand the kitchen, get some drama. Pass judgement on someone else.

  88. DQ_170

    Ah.. I thought this was a time to get excited about Ragbrai, not get pissed because they didn’t anounce the route an hour early. Don’t be a hater!!!

  89. Lynda

    Seattle, WA

  90. New_Ragbrai

    Ragbrai is so awesome… IT’s just your bike and the road and slowly getting to know your enviroment. Take it slow!!

  91. SC Guy

    What about starting in Sioux City?

  92. Reid_184

    If you can’t take it slow… Don’t go!

  93. trainee

    I am in Lancaster,Pa

  94. King Kenny

    Team S.N.I.F.F.
    Ready to Ride
    The only Team Paid to Ride

  95. Jennifer

    waiting in ARIZONA!!!! hurry up!!!

  96. Ben

    predict sioux city is first town..

  97. Tim

    Sitka, Alaska.

    Wish they would just announce the doggone route.

  98. Big Iowa 7

    Back. Anything interesting happen?

  99. Kins

    I agree.

  100. D In M

    Love someone in KC

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