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MapMyRIDE Teams with RAGBRAI to Produce RAGBRAI XXXIX App

  • 20 July, 2011
  • Jared

RAGBRAI and MapMyRIDE unveiled the new high-tech RAGBRAI XXXIX App this week.  The RAGBRAI XXXIX App powered by MapMyRIDE is now available in both iPhone and Android platforms.  The apps are free to download.

“MapMyRIDE is absolutely thrilled to partner with RAGBRAI for the next three years and provide them with our innovative web, mobile and tablet tracking apps,” said Robin J. Thurston, Chief Product Officer.” “RAGBRAI pairs cycling and good times and we think that our RAGBRAI specific apps will only enhance the event experience for participants and spectators.”

“MapMyRIDE is the largest social network for cyclists in the world and RAGBRAI is the largest social cycling event in the world, so we are excited to be working together to provide a great resource for our riders,” claimed T.J. Juskiewicz, RAGBRAI Director.

RAGBRAI welcomes MapMyRIDE as the newest Friend of RAGBRAI!

MapMyRIDE is the cycling specific website of MapMyFITNESS, Inc.  Headquartered in Austin, Texas, MapMyFITNESS was founded in 2007 and operates a suite of fitness-oriented websites and associated mobile and tablet applications including MapMyRIDE.com, MapMyRUN.com, MapMyWALK.com, MapMyHIKE.com, MapMyFITNESS.com, MapMyMOUNTAIN.com and MapMyTRI.com. 

They provide more than 3.6 million runners, cyclists, walkers, and other fitness enthusiasts with access to an innovative geo-mapping application that permits them to track and store their daily cycling, running, walking or hiking routes in an online database, a searchable database of routes across the globe, essential community-based fitness content, unique online training tools and fitness calculators, comprehensive global event listings, and a dynamic social network of healthy and active individuals. Their iMapMy mobile apps use the built-in GPS technology of the iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android to enable users to record and chart their daily fitness activities and routes right on their devices. 

For more information about MapMyFITNESS and its offerings, visit http://www.mapmyfitness.com/.


  1. Mark Lanning

    I don’t think I would be promoting this app as much as you guys have. It appears that the app is just a wrapper to web pages that sit on a remote server somewhere.. during ragbrai the data circuits are almost always owerwhelmed meaning there is little to no data connections.. outside of the spotty service.

    There is little chance that this app will work well or at all on the ride since it requires a fast data connection. not to mention that most people including myself can’t get past the registration part of the app.. just sits there like I didn’t hit ‘next’.

  2. John

    I got it to load and was able to register, but can’t add participants to follow. It crashes every time I try.
    I had it working early this week on my iPad, but no luck on the Android platform.

  3. yoshi

    So how much did MapMyRide pay for this advertisement?

  4. Bob

    I loaded it on my iPhone directly from the App Store. No problems. However, MapMyRide is a HUGE battery suck and it won’t last the length of a day’s ride. It drains my iPhone in under 3 hrs even when fully charged.

    Still waiting for a bike charger (ala the old bike lights that lit up when the “generator” was against the wheel as you rolled along.

  5. Brian

    I agree on the comment about battery life….I loaded MapMyRide on my iPhone last month, went for a 60 mile ride and the battery was mostly drained after just a couple of hours. No way would a single charge last a full day of Ragbrai. I already deleted the app as I’d rather having a functioning phone when riding in remote areas (not Ragbrai), and I’m already using a Garmin.

  6. Mia

    I am uninstalling also. I have the g2 android system and it doesn’t work and sucks the battery fast. Not safe, not good.

  7. mike

    slow! not interesting! deleted.

  8. TSquareTen@msn.com

    Like most of the MapMyFitness.com applications, this app proved to be full of promise but lacking in execution. Making matters worse, I did not have good cellphone coverage for my iPhone so using this app was always a problem. I ended up deleting and cursing what I spent on it.

    I ended going to a WiFi center and updating my Facebook page to keep my friends and family informed on my progress. The GarminConnect.com linked to Facebook provided the same service and cost me next to nothing.

  9. Richard

    Has anyone considered or used the OSMAND app? It appears that the relevant maps and route can be copied to your Android phone. During the ride the airplane mode can be turned on disconnecting you from the network and the GPS mode left on so that your route can be traced in real time on a background map.

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