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    Jon Hopcia posted an update in the group To Hill and Back 3 years, 4 months ago

    So how many miles have you all put on for this ride so far? Tracy? Melanie

    • Howdy Jon!
      You first on the mileage…JK! Like I said in my previous response, I haven’t put in as many miles as I would have liked nor as I should have. I have been using Strava and it has me at about 300 miles, but I know there are a couple of times Strava wasn’t on. So , I am guessing between 350 – 400 miles. I think, if the heat isn’t a factor, that I will be able to make it the entire ride.

      You, Jon, how many miles?

    • I haven’t put on as many miles as I would have liked. I have been using my 30 year old Cannondale and it has me at about 600 miles. We can both do it Melanie!

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