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    turtlePacker posted an update 1 year, 9 months ago

    I think i’m Done with paying a fee to each overnight town and applying for community housing. I’m part of a very small team, just 4 of us, and I suspect our size makes us not a priority for accommodations. In Centerville we were offered a vacant lot without water or electricity – which would have been fine for some RVs I guess, but is sub-optimal for tent camping. In Fairfield the host house was a shack with blacked-out windows and a stubbly lot. Those were the only 2 places I applied for community housing this year, as we stayed in dorms in Indianola and had private connections elsewhere. My experience in previous years has ranged from good (gracious hosts) to bad (no reply at all) but this is the first time we’ve encountered this sort of bad.

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