The Great Iowa Fall Ride registration is open!

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    All 2017 RAGBRAI Riders,
    A couple things for all the Keokuk Bike Club 2017 RAGBRAI riders.

    1. Log back onto the RAGBRAI website, and click the “My RAGBRAI” drop down menu. You should see all the check boxes on the right side of that menu completed at this point in time.

    2. If you are planning to meet us at the start town of Orange City, not riding out there with us, I need to know as soon as possible. I have been told by some of you that is your plan, and have probably 7 of you meeting us out at the start. Do to the low number of those registered this year, we are seriously considering renting a couple vans to shuttle the riders to Orange City this year, instead of chartering the tour bus. I believe this is the farthest we have had to shuttle to the start and to the finish. The bus company has told us it will be a total of $4600 for the buses to the start and back to Keokuk at the end. We only have $4255 in rider fees that came in to cover this and the cost of the truck for the week. While we do have enough to cover the difference built up in our account, it is hard to justify chartering a 55 passenger bus for 17 or less people. So that is what we are “kicking around” right now. No firm decision has been made yet. We are waiting to hear from you all on the numbers.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact Mary or myself.

    Jim Vincent
    Cell Number – 319-470-2734

    Mary Kaneff
    Home Phone – 319-524-5686

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