The Great Iowa Fall Ride registration is open!

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    ZiZohn71 posted an update in the group Keokuk Bike Club 4 years, 10 months ago

    Cyclists, Hello from “balmy” Iowa. It appears that RAGBRAI has finally gotten their website straightened out. Be sure when registering for the ride, to sign up with the correct team. Our club is the Keokuk Bike Club, Group #42. After registering, you will be able to see the RAGBRAI share of your registration after logging in. It will be on the “My RAGBRAI” tab near the upper right of the page. You add that dollar amount to the club’s fee of $185, to come up with your total amount to send to Mary, including the newly added tax RAGBRAI has applied. Example: I had no extras, such as a jersey or shorts, added to my registration. My RAGBRAI fee, including tax, from their site was $185.50. I add that amount to the $185 club fee and come up with a Grand Total of $370.50 to send to Mary. You can register at anytime from now until our sign-up ends. We have set a cut-off date of March 26, 2018. That is the date we need your money and form to be in Mary’s hands. Remember, you will not pay anything to RAGBRAI when you register!! Mary will collect their fees for our entire club, and send RAGBRAI a huge check to cover them. So register online now, following the directions in the newsletter. Then mail your money and paperwork sometime before March 26th. We appreciate having an on-going idea of how registration is going and the numbers to expect for the 2018 ride. If you have any questions, contact Mary or myself, and we’ll try to answer them for you. I’ll be in touch!

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