“Mile of Silence” and Iowa Bicycle Coalition Petition Brings Awareness to Fatal Bike Crashes

mileofsilenceSunday, July 24, 2016 in Mills County, Iowa

A “Mile of Silence” will be dedicated to the memory of those who sadly have been injured or killed while enjoying a bicycle ride.  The “Mile of Silence” will take place between the towns of Malvern and Tabor along Noyes Avenue (County Road H40) between 300th Street and 290th Street.

There have now been eight people that died in bicycle deaths on Iowa’s roads and trails.  Eight is double the number from 2015 and the highest total since 2010.

The Iowa Bicycle Coalition has launched a campaign to “End Fatal Bike Crashes in Iowa”.  This is an ambitious campaign, but this is a goal that actual lives depend on. The campaign combines their work on safe passing laws, complete streets, bicycle facilities, and safety education, including presenting to driver’s education classes and safe routes to school.

The first action of this campaign is a petition to support ending fatal bike crashes. The Iowa Bicycle Coalition will be collecting signatures following the Mile of Silence on RAGBRAI as well as at the RAGBRAI Expo in Glenwood.  The online campaign has over 4,000 signatures already.  To view the petition, visit http://iowabicyclecoalition.org/petition/

The Iowa Bicycle Coalition plans to share the printed petition with the Iowa governor, speaker of the Iowa House, Iowa Senate president, Iowa DOT and Public Safety directors. The Coalition is urging our Iowa government to work on solutions that include safe bike facilities, change lanes to pass laws, appropriate penalties to deter reckless driving, better education for new drivers, education for bicyclists, enforcement of laws that prevent crashes, and more awareness of bikes on the roads.

RAGBRAI thanks the Ride of Silence Organization, the Iowa Bicycle Coalition and the Glenwood RIDE RIGHT Committee for the efforts to bring awareness to bicycle fatalities. 

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