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Mission: Healthy Heart for ALL

  • 18 June, 2018
  • Andrea Parrott

We have a mission.  Heart healthiness!  We want everyone who rides on RAGBRAI this year to have a healthy heart, know their family history and also be aware of their risk factors.  We would LOVE to meet you on the journey across Iowa and help you undersatnd your heart healthiness.  It is our mission at Businessolver to help assure heart healthiness.

We will be at each host town along with the American Heart Association and Hy Vee.  We will be checking your blood pressure and helping you determine your risk factors.  All it takes is a couple of minutes to stop by and check in with us.  Answer a couple of questions about your heart healthiness, get your blood pressure checked, grab one of our super cool tattoos and be in the drawing to win an awesome prize.

We had an employee who was near and dear to our hearts and was a MAJOR part of RAGBRAI each year.  He lost his life a few years ago due to heart complications.  In honor of our dear friend Chris Charron we are working to get the message out there to take care of your heart.  That’s why we ride.  Why do you ride? You only get one heart, take care of it! To have a healthy heart, it is so important to workout on a regular basis, have a great nutrition plan in place, hydrate adequately each and every day, and to get the proper amount of rest.

We would love for you to stop by and say hey and chat with us about your heart.  From our heart to yours, keep making those healthy decisions!!

Hope to see you soon!

Follow us online with the hashtags: #heartsolver  #whydoyouride

And on Twitter: @Businessolver

– Tracey Orman / businessolver / Onsite Wellness & Fitness Administrator


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