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Missouri River Tire Dipping in Glenwood

  • 14 July, 2011
  • Jared

Historic flooding this summer has the Missouri River off limits in Mills County to RAGBRAI bicyclists hoping to do the traditional back tire dip in the Muddy Mo to officially start their trek across the state of Iowa.
Because of surface water flooding, mandatory evacuations have been ordered in western Mills County between Interstate 29 and the Missouri River. Roads and farmland west of Interstate 29 are inundated with surface water flooding and persons who enter the evacuated area and attempt to go to the Missouri River are subject to a citation and/or fine.
The good news is that there is an alternative.
Members of the Glenwood boys high school and middle school cross country teams will have a tank containing water from the Missouri River that drivers will be allowed to dip their tires in. The tank will be located across the street from Glenwood Community High School at the entrance to the youth baseball and softball field complex. Cross country team members will assist bicyclists with dipping their tires in the tank and taking photos.


  1. Debbie Davis

    That’s awesome, way to have a plan B to ensure the tradition continues!

  2. Bob

    I hope it’s where we can get to it easily.

  3. rbskiir

    Is the East side of the Kerry Bridge open yet?

  4. Sara

    I think the cross country team should run the water from the Missouri River to the dip tank. Like a really fast bucket brigade! Great training. Thanks, guys.

    Our hearts go out to the evacuees, and those that have lost so much due to the flooding.

  5. michelle coulter

    I can’t believe in the midst of all of the flooding and their own problems the wonderful folks in Iowa are concerned about us dipping our tires! This is one of the reasons Ilove this state so much! Nothing beats the people of Iowa! Bless you all!

  6. Michrider !!!

    What an awesome group of people! Thank you Glenwood!!!!

  7. JBedford

    they should put a box or bucket out for donations for the team. I for one would throw a few dollars in for them doing this! Great idea whoever came up with it and good for them for making it work!
    Let’s see…15,000+ riders, a buck each, hmmmm might be a nice budget for the team!

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