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Missouri's Bishop wins the Guess the Route Contest

  • 16 February, 2011
  • Jared

Two years ago, Julie Strahl of West Chicago, Illinois submitted her entry and guessed all eight overnight towns correctly to win the Guess the Route contest.  This year, just like last year, no one came close to getting them all right! 

Over 500 entries were received in the 9th annual Guess the Route Contest, but six of eight towns were the best that the contestants could figure out.  Three people picked six towns who were then entered in a drawing to decide who won first, second and third place.  The following people guessed six towns correctly:

  • Darrin Bishop (Edwards, MO) – 1st Place
  • Charlie Flatness (Ankeny, IA) – 2nd Place
  • John Krawczyk (Delafield, WI) – 3rd Place

Darrin Bishop of Edwards, MO was selected as the big winner and will receive a gift certificate for $100 that can be used for RAGBRAI Merchandise.  Charlie Flatness of Ankeny, IA took second place and wins a certificate worth $80 of merchandise, and John Krawczyk of Delafield, WI placed third and will receive a certificate worth $60 of merchandise.

Davenport appeared the most frequent guess as over 35% of the guessers selected the river town in their route.

How do this year’s results compare with previous contests?

  • 2003 – Winner guessed 7 towns
  • 2004 – Winner guessed 7 towns
  • 2005 – Winners guessed 5 towns
  • 2006 – Winners guessed 3 towns (wow, we stumped you!)
  • 2007 – Winner guessed 5 towns
  • 2008 – Winner guessed 6 towns
  • 2009 – Winner guessed 8 towns (perfect!)
  • 2010 – Winner guessed 6 towns
  • 2011 – Winner guessed 6 towns

We hope you enjoy the ride!


  1. Amanda

    Hmmm, I got second place in 2006 – guessed 3 right. This year I guess 2-3 and didn’t win. :(

  2. Stephani

    So sad Amanda, better luck next year. See you soon princess!

  3. IowaEddianni

    I smell a skunk. Mr Bishop has been known to use magic of sorts to pick winners in this type of contest. He is a semi-professional biker living in a compound in the woods. During RAGBRAI, he is thought to carry items on his bike that are used in unusual “southern” rituals. I suggest the DSMR double his first prise winnings as a precaution.

  4. Sandaltan .

    I think IowaEddianni is on to something. I have checked with my operatives and discovered “Mr. B” has a dark past, questionable friends and even allegedly worked for a mysterious government agency. My operatives refused to investigate further saying it might be dangerous and refused to go near the compound in the woods. I am seeking a competent grant writer to secure funding to investigate further. This could be vital to national security!!

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