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New Episode of the JustGoBike Podcast! Ep 113: Iowa's Fittest CEO Maintains Health by Cycling

  • 11 April, 2019
  • Andrea Parrott

This week’s guest is Wes Ehrecke, the President/CEO of the Iowa Gaming Association that has been named one the “fittest execs” according to the Business Record in Des Moines. Wes started his cycling juggernaut 13 years ago, after he had an epiphany lying in bed as he turned 50. Cycling would be his life-changer he decided that day and scribbled his goals on his bathroom mirror! After achieving his first goal of 20,000 miles in 10 years he moved the goalposts back to 50,000 miles in 20 years! Mark and TJ also catch up on happenings this spring in cycling.

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