New Episode of the JustGoBike Podcast! Ep 119: Taking a Spin with the Pork Tornadoes ft. Mike Schulte

This week we delve into the controversial topic of pool noodles on bikes, and we chat with our first featured musician in JustGoBike history – Mike Schulte from the Pork Tornadoes. We’re telling you, there’s something in the air this episode, oh Lord. And yes there is a ParrotTalk!

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John Richardson, May 27, 2019 at 9:28 am

Very enjoyable podcast! I’ll certainly look forward to letting the Pork Tornadoes revive me after a 116 mile day.
I also must agree about your view of the use of pool noodles to be seen and to avoid getting buzzed. If a motorist is driving in a responsible manner they will see you and most will give you plenty of room as they pass if they are driving distracted, intoxicated, or falling asleep a pool noodle isn’t going to help you. Distracted motorist have plowed into the back of school buses while there lights were flashing and even into the backs of big trucks. Sad to say but about the only thing we have to count on is good luck and if I have bad luck at least I won’t destroy some kids pool toy in the process.

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