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New Episode of the JustGoBike Podcast! Episode 159: "Bike Ride Route Crosses Great Iowa Scenery" Host: ParrotTalk

  • 2 October, 2020
  • Andrea Parrott

ParrotTalk is back with a little more SAGBRAI advice from John Karras. Just how many bikes are you planning on fitting into that charter bus? Will there be breakfast? Karras answers the urgent questions and more. Got a question for ParrotTalk? Message us here or email

In case you missed it: here’s last week’s Episode 158: “I Bike and I Vote in Iowa” Host: Mark Wyatt

This week’s episode is an Iowa Bicycle Coalition update from Mark Wyatt. Make plans to vote this election. Need information on how to do that (and not who to vote for — that isn’t our thing), just visit Also, join us at the Iowa MTB Festival in Coralville on October 17. Visit for more information. Finally, Save The Date: Iowa Bicycle Summit on January 28-30, 2021. More at

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