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New Episodes of the JustGoBike Podcast! Episode 183: ParrotTalk, and Episode 184: Iowa Bike Towns, A Book By Eugene Schlaman

  • 16 December, 2021
  • Andrea Parrott

Two for one this week!

This week enjoy a Parrot Talk where Andrea answers a listener question who wants some tips on keeping hands warm while cycling. Then she also shares a great article by John Karras back in 1979, who goes in depth with details of RAGBRAI 7. Do you have a question for Parrot Talk? Message us at justgobikepodcast@gmail.com.

Did you know the world’s largest Cheeto is in Algona, Iowa? How about, did you know the future birthplace of Star Trek’s James T. Kirk is Riverside, Iowa? This week meet Eugene Schlaman, author of the book Iowa Bike Towns. Eugene was born in Anamosa, Iowa and grew up in Hampton. He has ridden 14 RAGBRAI’s and was always curious about the history and fun facts of towns along the route. So he started researching each of the towns and then each night he would tell his friends about what they were going to see the next day when they rode. Eugene compiled all those stories and more into a collection of facts, stories and legends associated with towns in Iowa that have been on the route of the annual bike ride across Iowa. You can buy the book Iowa Bike Towns at Barnes and Noble, Target, and Amazon. Have a topic for a future episode? Message us at justgobikepodcast@gmail.com.


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