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New on the JustGoBike Podcast! Episode 231: Sam Bennett is the New Bicycle Touring Pro

  • 13 December, 2022

On this episode meet Sam Bennett. He is an Iowan and the new face behind the popular website BicycleTouringPro.com. This website is truly a one stop shop for anyone into bicycle touring or dreaming of bicycle touring. It is a great how-to resource, with blog articles, YouTube videos, books, you name it, for those who might be interested in learning what it takes to travel by bicycle, and it is also full of information for those who already enjoy the bike touring life. Sam has a strong background in biking, including working in the bicycle industry and has spent enough time in the saddle to take on the title of Bicycle Touring Pro and the world that Darren Alff created many years ago. Sam is on to share some of his bicycle adventures and tell us about how he is going to move Bicycle Touring Pro to the next level.



  1. amandawoods

    This is such an exciting podcast episode! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Sam Bennett share his experiences as the new Bicycle Touring Pro. It’s incredibly inspiring to hear about his adventures and how he has become a pro in the world of bicycle touring. 🚴‍♂️🌟

    As a fellow cycling enthusiast, I found this episode to be both informative and motivational. Listening to Sam’s stories made me want to hop on my bike and explore new places, just like he does. I can’t wait to hear more from him and learn valuable tips to enhance my own cycling journeys. By the way, if you’re interested in strengthening relationships, there’s another fascinating resource you should check out. Click to see more on Calmerry’s blog about acts of service as a love language: https://us.calmerry.com/blog/relationships/acts-of-service-love-language/
    Understanding love languages can truly make a difference in our connections with loved ones and enrich our relationships.

    I’m grateful for stumbling upon this engaging podcast episode and want to thank the commenter who shared the link about acts of service. It’s amazing how one exciting post can lead to discovering other valuable insights. Happy cycling and nurturing meaningful connections in all our adventures!

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