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New RAGBRAI XL Merchandise Now Available!

  • 8 November, 2011
  • Jared

Today, the official event logo for RAGBRAI XL is being launched and the exclusive apparel featuring the new marks is available for purchase on SHOP.RAGBRAI.ORG.

As we celebrate a significant milestone in the history of RAGBRAI, it was important to reflect on how the ride has grown into something very special for the state of Iowa, host communities and every rider when creating our event marks for this year.

We are excited to feature a retro look with the iconic shape of our state and highlighting the tradition of our use of roman numerals. Suzanne Milosevich was responsible for the creative direction.

RAGBRAI XL products are currently available for purchase at SHOP.RAGBRAI.ORG include a long sleeve T-shirt and sweatshirt. Additional apparel and gift items are scheduled to release in spring 2012.

The classic RAGBRAI logo is also featured on a merino wool cap and shop work shirt that are new to the classic collection.

Media outlets may obtain high-resolution copies of the RAGBRAI XL logo for editorial use by contacting Kristen Gray at or 515-284-8397.

Registration for RAGBRAI XL opens on Tuesday, November 15, 2011 for the July 22-28, 2012 event.


  1. Sandaltan

    I like the red work shirt, it may be on my Christmas list. I would like it even better if “RAGBRAI” were embroidered above “Established 1973” How about a view of the back??? Stain resistant is always a good feature for me.

  2. knees36

    The best yet!!! Thank you so much for all that RAGBRAI is to us riders. Sincerely, Knees36.

  3. Kathy Stutzman

    I was so excited to see the XL merchandise – then I realized that it represented 40 years NOT finally offering clothing for us “regular sized” riders who don’t fit into any of the merchandise offered by RAGBRAI. Oh well, I will just keep fueling my bike-riding and not being able to fit into any of the cool stuff offered by RAGBRAI. Love RAGBRAI – just wish I could wear it!

  4. Michrider !!!

    I love the logo! The “work shirt” looks good but not sure I’m allowed to wear it, since actually performing work would be some sort of crime!!!!!

  5. Papa T

    Bicyclists should NOT wear black or grey shirts!

  6. longrider42

    Black is not good, not very visible and a heat sink to boot

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