Overnight Town Committees Get History Lesson


With just 50 days to go until RAGBRAI, the eight RAGBRAI Overnight Host Town Committees came to Des Moines for a planning workshop.  Close to 50 leaders from Council Bluffs, Red Oak, Greenfield, Indianola, Chariton, Ottumwa, Mount Pleasant and Burlington shared their experiences and networked with their fellow host committees.

Grampa RAGBRAI (also known as John Karras) gives the overnight town host communities a history lesson

A surprise visit from RAGBRAI co-founder John Karras started the meeting off with tales from the past including a history lesson on Clarence Pickard’s legendary ride across the state.  When asked what is the most shocking difference from the original journey, he answered, “the numbers!”

Karras told the group he plans on riding the entire ride this summer including the Karras Loop.  He explained his request to alter the name of the loop a few years back.

“The John Karras Loop sounded like a memorial loop… and I’m still around,” he explained.  The optional loop is officially now referred to as just the “Karras Loop”.

As these final two months wind down, all of the overnight town’s committees and communities are excited about hosting RAGBRAI and they are looking forward to a great summer!

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Jeff Fiscus, Mayor City of Alden, Jul 25, 2009 at 11:09 am

Our town would like to host or be a stop over town for ragbria 38 in 2010. I believe our community can show the rider that Alden is a great place to come too. Sincerely Jeff Fiscus Mayor City of Alden

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