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Participant Wristband Packets

  • 8 June, 2009
  • Jared

Participant Packets have begun to be shipped via UPS.  If you registered online and gave a valid email address, individuals and group contacts will receive an email notification once your packet is in route.  The shipping process will continue throughout this week as approximately 5,000 team and individual packets were packaged for this year’s sold out event.

The Participant Packet is sent to the Group Contact for each group. If you are a single rider and did not send your entry along with any others, the Participant Packet is sent directly to you. Enclosed in the participant packet, you will find OFFICIAL RAGBRAI IDENTIFICATION that contains a unique identification number for each of the registrants in your group.

If you are a rider, you will find a rider wristband, a bike band, a bike (license) plate and a baggage tag. If you are a non-rider, you will receive a non-rider wristband. If you have requested and been selected to receive a vehicle pass, one is included.

Each of the items is labeled to help you figure out whether you are looking at a bike band or a wristband. Each of these identification pieces and the redeemable patch certificate for seven day riders, are imprinted with the unique identification number. Before attaching your wristband, bike plate or bike band, make sure the number corresponds to the numbers on your baggage tag and patch certificate. You will find a printout in your packet that details which number is assigned to which individual in your group.

It is the responsibility of the Group Contact who receives the participant packet to carefully distribute these items to the proper rider or non-rider. Any correspondence to The Des Moines Register’s RAGBRAI office should include the unique identification number assigned, along with the person’s name, address and telephone number.

Wristband and Bike Band Instructions

NOTE: Do not put the wristband on until the week of RAGBRAI. The only way to remove it is to cut the band or ruin the snap. If the snap was ruined in the mail or a part of it is missing, stop by the Register trailer in the campground for replacement. The wristband is to be worn on the wrist, not attached to the bike, an ankle or hanging from a key chain. The bike band should be fastened on the top bar of your bicycle.

To attach:

  • Insert one finger behind snap when closing to exert pressure and create the proper “comfort space” for the wearer.
  • Cut off band excess.

Bike Plate Instructions

Please print your name and hometown on the plate and use the cable ties included in the packet to hang it from the back of your bike seat. It is our hope that the bike plates will encourage conversation and introductions among riders.


  1. Michael Knapp

    One of our team is unable to go as planned and wants to transfer his rider tags to another individual. What information do you need in order to transfer his tags?

    Mike Knapp
    Team Flamingo Contact Person

  2. Mi chael Pitt

    Have all wristband packets been sent? I supplied a valid email address as well as got selected for the lottery but I didn’t receive an email notificaiton with UPS tracking number.

  3. Bill Rautenstrauch

    Am going to be riding in the Ragbrai ride, but have not received my wristband etc yet. Has it been sent. Would like to know the status of this.
    I will wait to hear from you. Thank you.
    Bill Rautenstrauch in Oregon

  4. Michael Sullivan

    Where is my packet? No email and no packet! Is this a plot?

  5. Mark Heuwetter

    Looking to join a team at the last second. Lost my job yesterday and need to get out and clear my head. Heard this is a must do. Any suggestions. Thanks.


  6. David Fox

    Yes-agree it is a must do. It is a blast although it will be a lot of work if you are not riding to get in shape.

    You can always get a wristband at the Expo which will start on Saturday the 18th at noon. There are teams coming from every state and most cities. Check with any bike shop for details. Teams are certainly already formed and filled, but some may have had dropouts. Our team is full. There are many teams that just stay in the campground and this year will be exceptional since the Bare Naked Ladies are hosting the show the first night. It may be possible to hook up with one there. However, I would also keep trying to hook up with folks over the internet beforehand as everyone riding will check frequently.

  7. Stan Lear

    I did not receive “bike Plates” in the packet, will there be somewhere I can pick them up at the start of the race?

  8. Ed Sternicki

    I have a wrist band for 1 full week to sell. Just had knee surgery 2 weeks ago. Very bummed that I won’t be able to make it this year. If interested in purchasing my wristband, (Best Offer) please email me at edsterplus3@comcast.net

  9. Scott Birney

    Does anyone have an extra week long pass? If so, e-mail me at scott.birney@msn.com or call me at 319-325-0471 Please!!!!

  10. Jean S

    I didn’t get a packet w/ wristband, etc. as I’m riding on the Livestrong team. Will I be able to get into the Expo? My understanding was that the team coordinator would take care of all of that but she hasn’t mentioned. Thanks.

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