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Pool offers reprieve for riders, donations for prom

  • 21 July, 2013
  • Emily Schettler

The ride from Minden to Tim Potts’ acreage is short but hilly.

It didn’t take RAGBRAI riders long to discover Potts’s backyard swimming pool was a cool reprieve from the punishing afternoon heat and up and down route from Minden to Shelby.

“I like the sociability of it,” Potts said. The route passed his house four years ago, to.

Potts normally wouldn’t let riders in the pool – this is their third time passing by – but this year is an exception.

“It had a leak in it so I’m going to replace it anyway,” he said of the large, round above-ground pool.

It was standing room only much of the afternoon as cyclists searched for a way to cool down.

Some who couldn’t find a spot settled for taking off their shoes and standings in the kiddie pool Potts has for his two dogs.

“That one’s probably cleaner,” he joked.

This year, Potts’ niece and the junior class at Panorama High School took advantage of the primo spot to raise money for prom.

They started at 5 a.m. offering pie, rice crispy bars and other treats for a free will donation an will easily make more than $1,000, organizers said.

When they put out the swimming pool sign, riders came is swarms.

“I didn’t really know what to expect,” Junior Veronica Maere said. “Riders have been pretty positive toward us, especially when they hear about the pool.”

Tomorrow, the group will be by Springbook with a mister, Maere said.

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