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RAGBRAI 2012: Dr. Pie's favorites of the 40th ride

  • 1 August, 2012
  • Kyle Munson

RAGBRAI’s “Dr. Pie,” Mark Hilton from Indiana, embarked on his first full ride this year since 1998. I bicycled with him for a day as he reacquainted himself with small-town Iowa’s delectable dessert of choice for the 10,000 bicyclists from around the globe.

 So what about the good doctor’s final, end-of-ride diagnosis?

He’s easing himself back into RAGBRAI pie-judging shape; he certainly didn’t fork 40 pies in honor of the 40th ride.

“I only had 22 pieces for the week,” Hilton reported. “Best was on day one — fresh strawberry from Kelly’s Berry Best Pies.”


Kelly’s Berry Best is the creation of Kelly Alfer from Minden, Ia. Riders no doubt noticed that she often was conveniently set up next to the iconic pink school bus of Mr. Pork Chop along the route.

Dr. Pie’s other three favorites for the week:

2. Peach from the Lutheran church in Story City.

3. Black raspberry in Oxford Junction.

4. Cherry in Charlotte.

“It was great to ride again,” Hilton said. “Great pie, wonderful ride, beautiful scenery and most of all the nicest people in America.”

How do these compare to your favorites, RAGBRAI nation?



  1. straycat

    The cherry almond at the Haven in Marshalltown was pretty tasty

  2. Dennis_W

    Kelly’s TollHouse Cookie Pie is the worlds Greatest Pie!!!

  3. havencoffeehouse

    Thanks Straycat, but you should have tried a slice of Chunky Monkey as well!!!

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