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RAGBRAI 2019: Route maps, and everything else you want to know for Saturday

  • 27 July, 2019
  • Des Moines Register

RAGBRAI 2019’s conclusion is a trip down the Mississippi River on a 62-mile ride from Burlington to Keokuk.

Be sure to come back to RAGBRAI.com Saturday and Sunday as you travel home as we post some “best of” packages commemorating the 47th across-Iowa journey.

MORE MAPS: Leaving Burlington | Getting around Keokuk


Partly sunny, with a chance of showers. High: 89. Low: 65.

ALL ABOUT KEOKUK: The town’s ride website BIG FINISH: Everything you want to know about the dip site


What we saw on the route inspection ride in June | Photos

HELPFUL LINKS: Support vehicle maps


Riders try Snake Alley

Salem: More than just a stop

Team BLUE rides in support of rural Iowa police

Friday’s photos and video:

RAGBRAI photos: Weddings, engagements and love on the ride

RAGBRAI photos: Weddings, engagements and love on the ride


The Des Moines Register’s photographers and reporters are excited and proud to join thousands of cyclists examining the state’s beauty and hospitality on world’s largest, oldest and longest recreational bicycle touring event.

You’ll find new photos, videos and stories of and about your fellow riders constantly all week long at RAGBRAI.com. Follow @RAGBRAI_IOWA on Twitter, like RAGBRAI on Facebook and check out @RAGBRAI on Instagram for more.

And to get some maps viewable without an internet connection, plus instant access to all the visuals and updates, download the RAGBRAI app today! iOS | Android

WATCH: Trace every RAGBRAI route in history

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  1. Hiroshi Watanabe

    My wife, partipating RAGBRAI from Japan, left her Oakley Sunglass (frame color is that top half is white with grey pattern, bottom half is the black, photochromatic lens) in the toilet in West Point around 10:30am today.
    She went back after 5 minutes, but her Sunglass was already gone.

    Anyone happen to have it to deliver to Lost and Found, please contact me too. Thank you!

    In same time, someone saw my wife looking around and a bit panicking outside the toilet gave her spare Sunglass.
    Hope this person also contact us please.

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