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RAGBRAI 2019 Surveys

  • 5 August, 2019
  • Scott Garner

Now that the dust has settled a bit after our week together, we would like some feedback on how the week went for you.  We can’t control the weather, but we would like input on some things we can control.  Please take a moment and complete our RAGBRAI 2019 Survey.  We value your input, and need your help to keep RAGBRAI the premier event that it is.

The survey should only take about 10-15 minutes to complete.  Your personal information will not be gathered with this survey. There are two versions, please select the link below based on your participation as a Rider or Support Driver this year on RAGBRAI.  If you were both at some time during the week, please feel free to complete both surveys.

RAGBRAI 2019 Rider Survey

RAGBRAI 2019 Driver Survey

The surveys will be available for about two weeks.  Once we’ve tabulated the results, we will post a summary to RAGBRAI.com

Thank you for participating in RAGBRAI XLVII and sharing your experiences with us. We look forward to seeing you July 19-25, 2020 for RAGBRAI XLVIII!  Registration for 2020 will open on November 15, 2019.

If you missed us on the ride and still want RAGBRAI merchandise, visit RAGBRAI.com/shop today!



  1. David Cover

    The phone calls and emails to RAGBRAI information were never answered when I called and wrote; totally ignored. Very disrespectful.

  2. Richard Beebout

    I would like to see your emails reguarding Ragbrai go out in a more timely manner. I was receiving specific days emails 2 or 3 days after the fact. Not very useful.

  3. Andrea Parrott

    David and Richard – if you haven’t already, please fill out the surveys and include these comments! It helps to have all the comments in one place. We really do take the rider feedback and have a big meeting to talk through it all. Thanks!

  4. edwfitzgerald

    The Amish had a small seating area with shade canopy at their roadside areas. Would be great if more groups followed this practice.

  5. Tom Reeder

    Just seeing the above comment and I already turned in my survey. I agree with the comment about the daily information and it looks to me like the issue is the information was posted each day on the Blog okay, but there was a 1 or even 2 day lag in this coming across via email, which is where I normally was looking for it. In that case, I agree that it was pretty useless to be getting the info via email way too late. So, perhaps the issue is a) there needs to be an email sent out immediately when the daily info is posted to the blog (or anything else for that matter), and/or b) people need to be informed to check the blog each day, and don’t wait for / rely on the email. Thanks.

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