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RAGBRAI 2023: Route Maps

  • 12 July, 2023

Map page has been moved. Please follow the link below for more detailed support vehicle, bicycle and town maps. 




  1. Andrea Parrott

    Can’t wait for RAGBRAI L!!!!!!!

  2. gpmiller31

    Giddy Up! Let’s Go!

  3. bikrgurl

    Where are the town maps for the rest of the town? Looking for Des Moines. Not the Route Map! The town map. Is it done yet?

  4. Nate Rauch

    Day 5 climb has been updated to 4,218 ft. Let’s GOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  5. Heather

    RAGBRAI doesn’t do the town maps. Check out Des Moines RAGBRAI website for that towns map.

  6. iJimJones

    The two DOWNLOAD buttons at the top of this page for the Bike and Vehicle Route maps in PDF form do not seem to show any routes or download anything. I was hoping to get a map with a little more detail that the day by day images above in a form that I can print out in hard copy (PDF, images, etc). I created an account Ride With GPS which didn’t show me any route maps either (I am using my laptop). What am I doing wrong?

  7. hnschipper

    Where is the PDF option for the support vehicle route maps? The “download the support vehicle map” just takes you to RidewithGPS, not a PDF to download and print.

  8. Amanda Hoppe

    Will there be a pdf downloadable file of the support route soon?

  9. Craig McDonald

    How do I get the PDF version of the vehicle route? I do not want to set up an account with Ride GPS. I do not need the headache of another advertising account such as Ride with GPS. Do something for riders once without having to download a sponsor program.

  10. Tony Recker

    Ya!! Thanks for the maps! Been waiting for these!

  11. Grant440

    You need to RSVP when you get to the Ride GPS sight. Even if you are singed in, click RSVP and it will make you enter your name, and then you can access the routes and download them to your computer.
    I hope that helps.

  12. impalamtnbkr

    Can you post the download links for the Day 0 maps of Sioux City?

  13. Laureninstlouis

    Soooo, these Ride with GPS files have dates in Feb and March? Am I in the right place?

  14. 3 Pedal

    Is there going to be a real map for support vehicles? Using a bicycling app to navigate our support RV seems ridiculous. Our drivers don’t have the app, and are not going to download and try to learn it just for this.

  15. Andrea Johnson

    Looking for vehicle maps like the ones above ,not the gps . Thanks!

  16. Mark Conway

    *A typo on Day 7 when you click download*
    Maybe not the biggest thing, but when you click the link to download day 7, the graphic on the right hand side switches the meeting town from Muscatine to West Liberty. Noting, as I printed each day from those downloads on index cards and am laminating them, and know some groups have a member or two do similar things. I definitely remembered Muscatine was a meeting town because I work there and have been chatting with colleagues about the ride rolling through their town. Did not comb through the others so much.

  17. ajrmd2002

    Is there a place to get a clean gpx of the route. Having to use 3rd party apps means signing up for subscriptions with them to see the route. It is likely that many folks have such subscriptions, just with someone else. AR

  18. Ivan Young

    Century Loop is Day 3 – Karras Loop

  19. Theo Mellis

    Thank You this helps a lot!

  20. amhansen

    The maps on this RAGBRAI page are better than the those on the Ride GPS site. I could not download the maps from the Ride GPS site to my computer. It would allow downloading to other devices, but not my computer. I used snip and sketch to get the maps, then did the same on this page. I will print them off and laminate them. Word of warning, if you are new to RAGBRAI, download the maps to your “device” before the ride, not during. What little cell service there is along the route is overloaded by the 20,000 riders passing through Iowa.

  21. TomAndrews3

    I still have not seen any action on the multiple requests for PDF versions of the Vehicle Route Maps. These have been provided every year that we have done RAGBRAI and I do not understand why it is so difficult to pull off this year unless Ride GPS has limited your ability to do this. We leave for Iowa in a few days and I hope we can get them posted before we leave so that we can get them printed for our vehicle drivers. As someone said above, it’s hard enough to find bandwidth to make a phone call along the ride, let alone monitor progress with GPS. And, if I want to know where to turn next, I just follow the thousand or so people turning in front of me.

  22. komawakenna

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