RAGBRAI LI Registration is Now Open!

RAGBRAI 51 Registration How Tos

  • 14 November, 2023

Registration is now open! Register here.

We have had a lot of questions about the registration process and will answer them below.

General Information

Why is RAGBRAI.com not letting me create an account?

  • If you are trying to create a RAGBRAI.com account we are working on disabling that feature currently. RAGBRAI.com was only used to post in the forums and use our online store as we moved our registration platform to EnMotive in 2020.


Joining a team on our registration platform is completely optional. By joining a team your team captain will automatically be sent all of your registration credentials. Please do not join a team unless you are an active member or have consent form the team captain. In previous years we have also sent all merchandise to the team captains, however this year we are going to be changing that. If you select merchandise during the registration process, your merchandise will ship (with a few exceptions) directly to the individual instead of the team captain.

Why is my team not showing up?

  • Teams were not preloaded into the registration system. If your team doesn’t appear in the dropdown consult with your team captain. They will need to create the team during their registration process. If you are the team captain, follow the the steps below to create your team during registration.

Creating a team as a team captain? 

  • You will be prompted to create your team on the Add Details page of registration.
      • Click the drop down under the Create or Join a Team section
      • Click Create New.
      • Type in your Team Name
      • Optional: Set team access code
      • Click Continue at the bottom of the page (add product if you’d like) to save your team

What is an access code and why use it?

  • An access code is an optional password you can set-up for your team to ensure that only your team members can join your team. If you choose this option, please ensure you are sharing the access code with your team members so they don’t have issues registering.

How do I join a team after registration?

  1. Log in to EnMotive
  2. On the left-hand side of the page on the black bar click registrations
  3. On the square with RAGBRAI click the three vertical dots on the upper right hand side
  4. Click view registration
  5. By Team select Join Team
  6. Follow steps above showing how to join/create team



Cycling apparel merchandise purchased through registration will be mailed directly to the rider/purchaser separate from your registration. We are mailing out our merchandise separate from registration credentials in early Spring.

The following will be shipped after the ride: Basic and Premium Souvenir Packs

How do I add products during registration? You can add product during the Add Details step in registration. Below is a step-by-step to ensure you are selecting the size, quantity and product you want to purchase. You receive a small discount on all cycling apparel when purchased through registration.

    1. On the Add Details page you will see all product options available through registration
    2. Determine which product you want and then click “select product” to pick your size
    3. Click the + symbol to select your quantity
      • You must select a quantity or the product will not be added to your registration.

Can I add a product or change sizes after registration? No, you are unable to add merchandise or change sizes after registration. To purchase merchandise post registration please shop HERE.

Vehicle Passes

When can I add a vehicle pass to my registration? Vehicle passes will be available to add to registration in mid-March 2024.  

Address Changes 

How do I update my shipping address in EnMotive?

Please follow the steps below to update your address in EnMotive

  1. Go to https://venturesendurance.enmotive.com/users/login
  2. Log into your EnMotive account
  3. On the left-hand side of the page on the black bar click registrations
  4. On the square with RAGBRAI click the three vertical dots on the upper right hand side
  5. Select View Registration
  6. click Edit, next to Shipping Address
  7.  then select or add a new shipping address and follow the on-screen prompts

If you have any issues please email us at info@ragbrai.com


  1. Hendrixm88

    Hello, Is there a listing for the Route that will be used for 2024? All I can find is the previous route for 2023. Thank you.

  2. Chris

    Hendrixm88: The 2024 route will be announced at the Route Announcement Party at the end of January.

  3. Gary Hart

    I m unable to register. The website is blocking me. It says there is a rider with my name with pending registration, or something to that effect.

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