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RAGBRAI, Lance Armstrong come to Mr. Pork Chop.

  • 22 July, 2014
  • mchind

Much of the focus Tuesday was on RAGBRAI coming to Mr. Pork Chop’s hometown of Bancroft. Even Lance Armstrong stopped by. And riders gave their best impressions of the pork chop call (check your volume before playing this video):


  1. Ken Groezinger

    Who care’s really if Lance is even on the ride? The ride is not about Lance.
    Having done the ride over 25 times myself I think there are far better stories to publish.

  2. aircheap
  3. aircheap
  4. KlisterKidMA

    I feel the same; however, since Lance is “dead” as far as cycling goes Mr. Pork Chop will live “forever”. Has anyone thought of a memorial somewhere at or near the “geographic center” (as in something similar to a linear regression line based on number of riders/meals served, or a midpoint in Iowa between all the past routes) of the routes to Mr. Pork Chop?

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